Viviane Araújo shows different baby shower and enchants: “everything beautiful”

Actress Viviane Araújo showed the baby shower different from her heir

The actress Viviane Araújo organized another little party to celebrate the arrival of her first baby. The artist is married to the businessman Guilherme Militão since 2020. Together they will be parents of a boy. The baby will be called Joaquim and will be their first child.

The famous announced the pregnancy in the last month of February leaving fans excited about the news. To have her first child, she resorted to a treatment to get pregnant. It turns out that at age 46, Vivi was pre-menopausal. In addition to in vitro fertilization (IVF) she opted for egg donation. The technique consists of using eggs from a compatible donor who is of childbearing age.

Very excited about the pregnancy, Viviane Araújo is enjoying the good and fun moments of your sweet wait. The dads have already made a revelation tea to find out if they would have a boy or a girl. This Thursday (29) it was time to celebrate the arrival of the heir with a baby shower.

Taking advantage of the month of July and its famous July parties, the chosen theme was “Charraiá do Joaquim”. The baby’s camp featured a typical statement full of colors, prints, flowers, bonfire, straw hat and much more.

Extremely pregnant, the artist left her belly out and dressed in a festive mood. Dressed as a caipirinha, she received her guests. please note that Viviane Araújo is in the final stages of pregnancy. The famous completed 35 weeks of pregnancy, which is equivalent to eight months.

“It’s all beautiful people!”, said the mother, on her social networks. She added: “Charraiá of our Joaquim!!!”. It didn’t take long for fans and friends to leave many messages and congratulations to the couple.

A netizen admired: “Congratulations, Vivi! Beautiful decoration, only Joaquim arrives”. Another wished: “Beautiful party, congratulations to the family. God bless today and always.” A follower celebrated: “Congratulations, congratulations, how much love!!!! Everything is so beautiful, perfect photos!”. And yet another praised: “Everything was beautiful, what a perfect party”.

Actress Viviane Araújo and businessman Guilherme Militão at Joaquim's baby shower

Agnews Actress Viviane Araújo and businessman Guilherme Militão at Charraiá do Joaquim

The beautiful decoration of Joaquim's baby shower, Viviane Araújo's firstborn

Agnews The decoration of Joaquim’s baby shower, Viviane Araújo’s firstborn

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