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The model and nutritionist recalled a difficult period in her life, when she had anorexia

Photo: Playback/Band
Photo: Playback/Band

The model Mariana Goldfarb, wife of actor Cauã Reymond, moved the audience of the program Faustão na Band this Friday (29) when she vented about how her life changed after she started studying nutrition. She received a standing ovation from the audience. Mariana revealed that she developed a complicated relationship with food when she was a model.

She began by telling what her main objective in the profession is: “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until I discovered nutrition. It was a very good thing, mainly because I can help a lot of people through this… As I already had anorexia, I will be able to use it to help even more people”.

Presenter Fausto Silva then asked more about the subject and she vented: “I developed anorexia because I worked for many years as a model and there was a very strong aesthetic pressure, something that all of us women suffer, especially women, that was when I started to see food as a real enemy”, she said, moved.

A trained nutritionist, the beauty highlighted that her relationship with food has completely changed: “During that, I stopped eating. When I found out I had this disorder, I immediately went looking for help, in addition to studying and entering the nutrition college, which I graduated in July,” she said, adding: “We have to talk about it, because when we get together, we get together. we became unbeatable, and if we had found that out earlier, it would have been a lot easier for everyone,” he said, to applause from the audience.

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