“We send food to those who really need it and get me out of this controversial situation”


The actor used Instagram to advertise the campaign.

Photo: Instagram/Caio Castro
Photo: Instagram/Caio Castro

Caio Castro spoke again about the controversy he was involved in when he gave his opinion on whether or not the man had to pay the bill on a date, but this time he approached the matter differently. The actor recorded a video on Instagram to invite followers to participate in a campaign to buy basic food baskets.

The actor said that he will take advantage of this moment of great engagement on his social network to promote the action that aims to raise money to buy food for those who need it: “A lot has been said about my name in recent days about the great controversy of the man having obligation to pay the bill or not. Many different opinions. It generated a lot of controversy about it. My name was involved. After all, I’m the one who raised that flag. I’ll take advantage of the fact that my Instagram had never been so visited, the number of hits were very high… In fact, his opinion is different from mine or the same, that won’t change. What to do with it? Respect the opinion of others. Taking advantage of the opportunity I have now, from the amount of people visiting my profile, I invite you to one thing. I invite you, who have no obligation and I won’t think you’re cheap if you don’t accept, but I leave the bank account and make a point of buying basic baskets for people who need food these days. Once again, you are under no obligation, do what you want,” he said, who later promised to show the amount raised.

Caio stressed that everyone has the right to have their opinion: “We send food to those who really need it and get me out of this controversial situation. Opinions will not change, in fact, nothing, everyone has their own, but the We can change those who are hungry and need our help. Let’s use the internet at this time of controversy and great discussion to help those who really need it”, he said.

The actor was heavily criticized this week, by celebrities and anonymous, after stating during an interview that he is not comfortable having to pay the bill on a date: “What’s the difference between paying the bill and having to pay the bill? It bothers me a lot this feeling of having to support, having to pay… I don’t have to do any f*[email protected] I make a point of calling you for dinner, I go to the bathroom, I already pay the bill… It’s not even enough, it’s already resolved… Now, he asked for the bill and didn’t move and never asked, as if I had that role ? You are not my daughter”, said Caio Castro during a participation in a podcast.

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