Xi Jinping ups the tone with Biden: ‘Don’t play with fire’

Communist Party of China (CPC) General Secretary Xi Jinping warned US President Joe Biden about a US diplomatic visit to Taiwan. Xi and Biden spoke by phone on Thursday 28.

“Those who play with fire end up getting burned,” Xi told Biden. “I hope the American side understands this. China opposes separatist moves towards Taiwan independence and interference from outside forces. The US must honor the one-China principle.”

The conversation took place in the midst of a possible trip to Nancy PelosiSpeaker of the House of Representatives, to Taiwan. This Friday, 29, Nancy said that she is going to Asia for appointments, but the Taiwanese territory, however, is not among the official destinations, so far. “I don’t comment on my travels,” she said.

Although there are no confirmations, there are expectations that Nancy will go to Taiwan. In April of this year, the president organized a visit to the island, but the trip was postponed after she was infected with the new coronavirus.

Arm wrestling between Xi Jinping and Biden

Taiwan is in the midst of diplomatic disputes between the Americans and the Chinese. China claims the island as its territory, however, the United States defends the territory’s independence.

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