3 foods you have at home, but you shouldn’t, because they are bad for your health – 07/31/2022

It is very common that, when talking to people about food, diets, food control, we hear phrases like: “But I love this food, I’m not going to stop eating just to lose weight” or “Wow, I didn’t know it was bad for me ” and even “I bought this food thinking it would help me, but then it only hurts me”.

These are situations of internal conflict, in which we discover that certain foods that we like so much, we eat since childhood or simply buy to celebrate special moments, are supporting the appearance of numerous diseases or, in the least of cases, hinder the result that is sought in the gym. .

It would be very simple if, of the three foods that come to mind, I said: salt, sugar and alcohol. But not. These three items already have in their stamp the risk of abuse.

It’s remiss to say that you didn’t know that too much table salt is bad for you, or that you didn’t think table sugar consumption was related to diabetes, or that everyday beer didn’t increase your insulin resistance. Negligence? Yes, because nowadays all the media and information vehicles, television, internet, newspapers, magazines, even pamphlets, folders and banners in every corner of the world affirm this. So, if you receive this information, you already know what is bad for your health and you keep doing it, you are neglecting your own health and that of others you affect, such as children, spouses, etc.

But the hidden foods that I will mention are those that go unnoticed even by those who are on a diet or who have some preexisting pathology, as they are masked items, foods that may even look nice, but are enemies of your health:

Light/diet/low sodium seasoned broth powder

They all come with this pattern. Even in light colors, green and with a friendly packaging, leading you to believe that all the vegetables, legumes, beans and brown rice you make, whether in your diet or not, will taste better and you will be able to follow what the doctor says. and nutritionist requested: eat healthier.

These ready-made broths, which you buy in packets or tablets and which provide a “special” seasoned flavor, even if they are sold under the slogan low sodium, no sugar, no salt, etc., are purely chemical condiments with additives to add flavor and contain maltodextrin and sugar in their composition.

Maltodextrin is a sugar with a different name, and for diabetics, consuming foods with this item, in small portions throughout the day and at different times, without knowing they are eating sugar, is a danger. In addition to sugars, these foods contain preservatives, colorings and flavorings, which give that “good food smell”.

Those ready-made condiments, used once a month, so to speak, wouldn’t be the problem, right? The big point is that many families use it every day, in every preparation of beans, rice, even when there is a search for brown rice, they also use it in meats, soups and every hot preparation that is in their lunches and dinners. That is, consumption is high and frequent.

They are masked items that are associated with inflammation, allergies, glucose decompensation and blood pressure. And remember: this is the same type of condiment that is in the bag of your instant noodles!

Turkey breast (in the group: ham, bologna, parsley, salami, sliced ​​salami, salami, sausage)

Embedded meats, pay attention, sausages and not raw meats, are also foods rich in the same condiments mentioned above, but worse, as they also contain a high content of nitrites and nitrates. These substances are potentially carcinogenic and accumulate in our body, being converted into other components that cause inflammation, allergies and recurrent infections, due to high exposure to inflammatory agents that leave our immune system weakened.

They also have the face of good guys, and that’s why I put turkey breast as the primary name of the group, because it disguises itself as lean meat, but has a high content of saturated fat, nitrites, nitrates, dyes and many chemical additives. Apart from that the maltodextrin and starch content is also very present, serving to give volume to the product, in addition to flavor, consistency and emulsion.


Okay, over time the margarine underwent a transformation. Omega 3 was added to the recipe and tried to mask the product looking healthier. But the product itself does not convince.

Margarine is the result of a highly industrialized process, making it an ultra-processed food. It is a mixture of vegetable oils that undergo the hydrogenation process, with the addition of hydrogenated liquids, and this results in solidification and stabilization of the fat. Basically, what you get from this process is pure hydrogenated fat, plus saturated fat, and hydrogenated fat is what we know as trans fat.

Trans fat does not have a safe daily consumption limit, safety in consumption for children has not been established, and it is already known, in the literature, that trans fat is one of the main causes of metabolic alterations, association with metabolic and hormonal disorders, greater risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, heart attack and other conditions. Its high consumption is directly related to chronic non-communicable diseases and, yes, the fact that you consume it daily can compromise all the rest of your habits, even if healthy — your cells and your body will still receive a continuous dose of trans fat. daily.

Its consumption really should be avoided. And, of course, in addition to this, we know that generally the consumption of margarine is accompanied by bread, sausages such as those mentioned in the topic above, and it is also a product with added sodium, in addition to preservatives and coloring, often synthetic coloring, so that may resemble the tone, taste and aroma of butter.

Keep an eye out for reduced consumption of these items. If you have some (or some) at home, always opt for healthier, less industrialized options, and clean up your routine, adding more fiber, more fruits, more vegetables, to ensure that your taste buds get used to the taste of food like must be, in clean recipes, without additives that mask the flavor of the food in natura.

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