3rd copy is a piece of fiction and speech neither Lula nor Bolsonaro is a mistake

Former president of the Chamber of Deputies, federal deputy Rodrigo Maia (PSDB-RJ) said that the third way is “a poorly placed piece of fiction” and that the speech “neither Lula nor Bolsonaro” is a mistake. The statements were given in an interview with the newspaper O Globo.

Maia supports the candidacy of Simone Tebet (MDB), who has 2% of the voting intentions, according to a July 27 Datafolha poll. “There is a difficulty in understanding how an alternative should be built. Polls show that it is almost impossible to get Lula out of the second round and that the vacancy to be won is the one with Bolsonaro.”

The third way has become a misplaced piece of fiction in which everyone mistakenly clings to this ‘neither Lula nor Bolsonaro’ speech.
Rodrigo Maia in an interview with the newspaper O Globo

According to Maia, in order to grow, the third way must get Lula’s votes. The former mayor is the son of Cesar Maia (PSDB), Marcelo Freixo (PSB) vice-president for the government of Rio de Janeiro, which supports former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“Of the more than 45% of Lula’s voting intentions, he has 30% who will not stop voting for him. Besides, there is a historic PSDB voter who is now with the PT only as the antithesis to Bolsonaro.”

Maia also nudged the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT). “How is this vote converted? It’s certainly not offending Lula, as Ciro Gomes has done. He chose that path, and it won’t lead anywhere.”

Maia also says that the new R$600 aid given by the federal government should not boost Bolsonaro in polls. “Bolsonaro’s inflation affects the poorest. It’s the supermarket. Bolsonaro is proud of the reduction in the price of gasoline, but milk is more expensive. . This poorest voter is still struggling, even with the new aid.”

He was also asked about Bolsonaro’s eventual refusal to accept the results of the polls.

It doesn’t seem to me that Bolsonaro’s courage is so great. Although his speeches at the PL convention and at the meeting with ambassadors show that the 7th of September can be a risk, I don’t believe there will be room to stretch the rope with lines that indicate disrespect for the polls.”

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