5 most cost-effective popular cars to buy in 2022

In Brazil, automobiles tend to be expensive, even with manufacturers present in the country, producing for all audiences. Therefore, when deciding which one to purchase, the more information, the better. Popular cars are usually successful and offer good financing opportunities for those who cannot pay in cash.

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In 2022, some manufacturers bet on comfort and economy, as Brazilians have been concerned about the ergonomics of the vehicle. Therefore, the goal is to provide cheap models without compromising quality. Those who have the dream of having mobility and traveling comfortably, need to carry out a good research before taking the test drive.

Check out the car models that offer comfort, sophistication and good value for money

Fiat Mobi Like

With an ergonomic motor, it results in a good relationship between weight and power, offering faster steering responses. Features gear shift signal, air conditioning, power steering and electric locks. Its price ranges from R$60 thousand to R$70 thousand.

Hyundai HB20 1.0 Sense

The Kappa 1.0 engine prioritizes fuel economy, helping to save at the end of the month. Its differentials are the possibility of refueling with ethanol and SmartSense that signals pedestrians and creates other alerts. The value is between R$70,000 and R$80,000.

Chevrolet Onix 1.0

With a modern and chrome design, the headlights are LED and the 1.0 engine also promotes economy. The bluetooth connection and entertainment system make the car smart, by commanding some remote resources from the ”My Chevrolet” app. You can find it with prices around R$77,000.

Volkswagen Gol 1.0

With the E-flex system, it allows cold starts, without the extra expense of gasoline, among the great advantages. Hydraulic steering, I-System and automatic windows are features of this car. Tilt Down positions the rear view mirror and Park Pilot assists with goals. Values ​​range from R$74,000 to R$80,000.

Fiat Argo 1.0

In addition to the facilities of competitors, with electric locks, cold start, fuel economy, electric steering and air conditioning, it has an on-board computer that shows average fuel consumption, plus route mapping.

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