Aid Brazil of R$ 600 will be paid in 9 days; see new calendar

Those who were curious about the payment of Auxílio Brasil for the month of August can rest assured, as the Federal Government has officially released the dates on which the amounts will be paid – with the new amount – until the end of the year. With the preview of the calendar, it was found that the payment method will be very similar to the traditional one.

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Beneficiaries are still divided into ten groups that will receive the money on ten different dates of the same month. For now, the only difference what was noticed is that the value has been adjusted. Now R$600 will be paid to beneficiaries, not R$400 as before.

Another important detail is that the payment dates for the other months have not changed, but August will be the exception. You have payment in advance next month! The money will be available in the first fortnight of the month.

As had been determined before, the NIS number remains the reference so that the beneficiaries who will receive the amounts can know the exact date of payment of the aid. The order always starts at number one, goes to nine, and goes back to zero. Check below the calendar of August payments.

  • Final NIS 1: August 9, 2022;
  • Final NIS 2: August 10, 2022;
  • Final NIS 3: August 11, 2022;
  • Final NIS 4: August 12, 2022;
  • Final NIS 5: August 15, 2022;
  • Final NIS 6: August 16, 2022;
  • Final NIS 7: August 17, 2022;
  • Final NIS 8: August 18, 2022;
  • Final NIS 9: August 19, 2022;
  • Final NIS 0: August 22, 2022.

Remembering that those who are entitled to payments can find more information about it by calling 111 from Caixa Econômica or 121 from the Ministry of Citizenship.

Those who prefer a more digital method to request information about the benefit can download the Auxilio Brasil or Caixa Tem app, as both are available for both Android and iOS.

Auxilio Brasil helps more than 18 million families across Brazil, especially those in extreme poverty. Therefore, this increase of R$ 200 in its total value will be very welcome.

However, it is important for everyone to keep in mind that this increase is temporary. It will last until December.

There was a movement to make this period indefinite, but it ended up being barred. Therefore, if nothing changes, as of January 2023 the value of Auxílio Brasil will return to BRL 400.

This is not just for him! The gas voucher will have a new adjustment and the other two newly created benefits, BEm Taxista and BEm Trucker, will come to an end.

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