Balbuena talks about partnership with Mndez and points out the chance to play alongside Gil against Flamengo

The defense duo formed by Balbuena and Bruno Méndez in this Saturday’s match against Botafogo was a reason for praise from Fiel. Back at the club, the Paraguayan spoke about the partnership he has signed with the Uruguayan athlete and the chance to return to the field, alongside another teammate, next Tuesday, against Flamengo, for Libertadores.

Asked if Bruno would be the defender with the best characteristics to be by his side, Balbuena was sincere in saying that he did not know how to make such an analysis. The shirt 31 spoke about the responsibility of defending the club and assured that whoever is on the field will always give his best.

I wouldn’t know how to say that. I think whoever plays, whether it’s me or another teammate, will do their best for the team and that’s what’s important. The commitment of everyone, the will that everyone has. Today, most of the different players from the last game came in and everyone was very connected, wanting to help the team. I think this shows the strength of the group and the responsibility to wear this shirt. So we are very calm about whoever plays, because they will do their best to get the result”, said the athlete in an interview in the mixed zone after the game.

Then Balbuena talked about other fellow position. Asked about Raul Gustavo’s situation and the possibility of playing alongside Gil in the youngster’s absence, the Paraguayan admitted that the team had its focus only on the game against Botafogo and that the situation would only be defined after the match.

Nobody says anything. Today our focus was only on this game, nobody was talking about the game on Tuesday, the main thing was this game at home, we played a great game, with everyone’s commitment we managed to score the three points. Now it’s time to focus on this Tuesday’s game, rest and work to arrive in the best shape. I don’t come here to be a starter, I’m just another one, I’ll always be at the coach’s disposal, I’ll always be there, if not we’ll always support him. That’s what Corinthians is, being prepared for when you need it and when you’re in the team, do your best to get the result,” admitted Balbuena.

Raul Gustavo, it is worth remembering, goes through transition after having suffered an edema. Still on Saturday night, the athlete’s presence on the field on Tuesday, against Flamengo, was ruled out by Vítor Pereira.

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