Bolsonaro announces Armed Forces parade in Copacabana on September 7

Image shows Jair Bolsonaro in front of a microphone
According to the president, the 7th of September will be the date to show that the people “have the right and demand peace, democracy, transparency and freedom”. (photo: Jos Dias/PR)

President and re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said this Saturday (07/30) that he intends to “innovate” in the traditional September 7 parade. In addition to the celebration in Brasilia, he will promote the act on Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro. “We want, for the first time, to innovate in Rio de Janeiro. At 4 pm on September 7th, for the first time, our Armed Forces and our sisters auxiliary forces will be parading on Copacabana beach alongside our people”, he declared during the national convention of the Republicans, held in So Paulo.

On the 7th of September, the president will be in Brasilia in the morning, then head to the celebration in Rio de Janeiro. “We are going to show that our people, more than wanting, have the right and demand peace, democracy, transparency and freedom”, he said, calling the population to the act.

In his speech, Bolsonaro said that, every day, he asks God so that the people “do not experience the pain of communism”. “What is at stake in our country is a new way of ruling the people, and not of leading as you are seeing, up to the present, with me in the presidency,” he said.

The re-election candidate also said that he made no mistakes in his statements about the pandemic. “They took away my right to conduct the pandemic. It was taken away by the Federal Supreme Court. But I didn’t miss any of the suggestions I gave to the population. I couldn’t sleep with the closure of commerce throughout Brazil, especially here in the state of So Paulo,” he declared.

“I was always among the people. Even in the difficult moments of the pandemic, I was among the people”, he added.

The event made official the candidacy of former Minister of Infrastructure Tarcsio de Freitas to the government of So Paulo.

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