BolsoNero do Planalto plans to set fire to the country at the party on September 7 – 07/31/2022

Two hundred years after Dom Pedro’s cry on the placid banks of the Ipiranga, will we have “Independence or Death” this September 7th?

If it depends on Jair Messias Bolsonaro, the bicentennial celebration will turn into a war scenario, uniting his supporters with the military parade, three weeks before the presidential elections, which has become a matter of life and death for the captain.

Last Sunday, during the convention that launched his candidacy for reelection, the captain called on his devotees to set the country on fire:

“I call on all of you now, so that everyone, on September 7, takes to the streets for the last time. These few deaf people in black capes have to understand what the voice of the people is.”

The voice of the people is his voice, of BolsoNero 1st and only, and the deaf in black capes are the ministers of the higher courts, the last bulwark for the coup escalation. I just didn’t understand one thing: why “for the last time”? Would it be the last warning before shooting the electronic voting machines and the democracy that threatens to remove him from power by voting?

“For the first time, our Armed Forces and auxiliary forces will be parading on Copacabana beach”, he proclaimed on Saturday, during another party convention in São Paulo, alongside condemned parliamentarians Eduardo Cunha and Daniel Silveira, symbols of the “new policy”. .

Joining his loyal voters, increasingly armed and fanatical, to the military and its cannons in the same scenario: this is the golden dream of the president, who has never resigned himself to the limitations imposed by the Constitution on his yearnings for absolute power.

Can you imagine the troops parading down Avenida Atlântica in the midst of an election campaign rally with tourists on the beach and caravans of followers of the sect from all over the country, to proclaim BolsoNero’s victory? What if the horses run aground through the crowd or a stray bullet pops? Will soldiers wear shorts and generals wear umbrellas?

Not even in his most delirious tales, Gabriel Garcia Marques could create something more like a banana republic, conquered by the occupation army formed by natives.

In the digital militias commanded by Prince Carluxo, which are increasingly frantic, the demoralization of electoral polls is already being celebrated, with the ruler of the so-called “Datapovo”, which will measure in Copacabana the strength of Bolsonarismo in march.

For what election?

Among the “auxiliary forces” mentioned by the president, it is not yet known what role the royal militias will play, which already occupy a large part of Rio’s territory, in this scenario of complete social anomie spread across the country to the ends of the Amazon.

In recent weeks, Jair Bolsonaro has gone so far in his belligerent plans and humiliations against democratic Brazil, that he ended up arousing a strong reaction from civil society, once again mobilized in defense of democracy and the rule of law, ready to put a stop to the disgraced captain.

This time, even bankers and big businessmen, the same ones who supported him in 2018, joined unions, jurists, artists and popular movements against the coup offensive by the retired captain and his generals in pajamas, who are being isolated in the trench of the Planalto Palace.

New data from the Datafolha poll released today show that 56% of voters consider Bolsonaro’s threats to democratic institutions serious, but do not believe he will succeed in his coup attempts.

In the same survey, confidence in electronic voting machines, so attacked by the president, but which are approved by 79% of the population, increases.

Bolsonaro prepares for a war, not for an election. “The other side wants to destroy the Brazilian family, wants to legalize drugs, wants to legalize abortion, wants to disarm the population,” he warned in Saturday’s speech. “A firearm, more than the defense of your family, is the defense of our nation.”

Get ready for a caboclo bang-bang.

Life goes on.

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