Can a negative person apply for a Caixa TEM loan? Check out!

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Since March 2022, it is possible to apply for a loan of up to R$3,000 at Caixa Tem. However, for the thousands of Brazilians who intend to request this amount, there are some doubts about how to carry out the process and whether everyone is entitled to credit.

The question that most generates doubt is whether those who have the “dirty name” can have access to credit. So, if you are interested, check below if it is possible to get a TEM cash loan with a negative CPF.

Loan for negatives

In general, those who are negative feel great difficulty in getting loans from financial institutions. Also, when this is possible, it is accompanied by completely abusive interest rates and rules. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for a defaulting citizen to get any amount.

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However, in the case of Caixa TEM, even those who are negative can obtain credit of up to R$3,000, but they must still meet certain requirements to make this request.

Caixa TEM credit requirements

To begin with, it is important to know that the amount of R$ 3,000 with interest rates from 1.99% per month and up to 2 years to pay is intended only for individual microentrepreneurs (MEI), in which the company has an income of up to R$ 81 thousand per year.

In addition, credit should only be used in the business itself, whether for paying bills, renovations or paying suppliers.

Even so, individuals can also apply for the credit, which varies between R$300 and R$1,000, with fees of 1.95% per month and 2 years to pay it off.

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How to apply for the Caixa Tem loan for negative

The process is very simple and can be done using the Caixa TEM application, where the interested party must click on “Update your registration” and carry out a credit analysis with the opening of the Digital Savings +. If approved, just request the loan in the “SIM DIGITAL – Caixa TEM Credit” section, and then the money will go straight to your account.

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