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The day has come for the long-awaited engagement of Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) and Regina (Mel Lisboa). But what the ambitious advisor cannot imagine is that the Gusmão heir will bring a special guest: dagmar (Guida Vianna), the mother of the bride.

To get back at Regina, who set up the engagement circus in his absence and even got the support of Martha (Claudia Di Moura), Leo decides to surprise the girl, messing with Regina’s poor past that she wants so much to hide.

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Summary of 'Cara e Courage': chapters from August 01 to 06

Summary of ‘Cara e Courage’: chapters from August 01 to 06

Leonardo goes to Dagmar’s house and talks to her about his daughter’s engagement.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) invites Dagmar (Guida Vianna) to his engagement with Regina (Mel Lisboa) — Photo: TV Globo/João Miguel Jr.

“Regina is getting engaged and I came to get you for the party”, he says to the lady, revealing that he is the groom:

“Do you approve of me as a son-in-law?”

Can you imagine what Regina will think of all this?

The scenes will air in this Monday’s chapter, 1/8, of Cara e Courage.

01 Aug


Moa feels sick when he sees that Yeva is dead, and Pat supports him. Deputy Marcela and investigator Paulo go to the scene of the shooting. Pat and Moa state, in their testimonies, that the group that wants Clarice’s formula is involved in the woman’s death. Hugo encourages Andréa to get back together with Moa. Leonardo takes Dagmar to his engagement party with Regina. Pat tells Alfredo what happened to Yeva. Danilo accuses Moa of having invaded her apartment, and Rebeca is surprised. Pat decides to stay at Adelia’s house with the family. Anita is shocked to see that Dalva still has the car she lent to Anita the night Clarice died.

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