Case of family in prison for 17 years had already been reported 2 years ago

The Corregedoria-General of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro reported this Friday (29) that it opened a procedure to investigate the performance in the case of the mother and two children who were kept in private prison by the victims’ husband and father for 17 years. . The family was released last Thursday (28), but the case had already been reported since 2020.

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The wife and two children were found tied up, dirty and malnourished at the criminal’s house, in the Guaratiba neighborhood. It was necessary to call the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), due to the seriousness of the health condition of the three.

According to the Civil Police, the first complaint about the crime was registered at the 43rd Police District (DP), in Guaratiba, in 2020 and forwarded to the 36th DP, in Santa Cruz, for investigation. Police say that, since then, the inquiry has been sent three times to the Public Ministry for action, the last being in May this year.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) says that the police investigation is at the 36th DP for compliance with the steps requested by the prosecutor. The MPRJ reported that the Guardianship Council learned of the complaint in March 2020 and informed the Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Youth that it had taken all measures to interrupt the detention, especially by reporting the crime to the 27th Military Police Battalion and the Police. Civil.

The Guardianship Council would have informed the MPRJ, soon after, that the entire protection network in the municipality was aware and that it had proposed legal action for complementary measures to protect the adolescent victim of the crime.

“There was no further information sent to the Public Ministry in the sense that the violence had not been stopped, which is why the subsequent action of the Guardianship Council and the protection network is being investigated”, says the Public Ministry.

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The Municipal Secretariat of Social Assistance of Rio de Janeiro, in turn, informs that it was the protective network, which includes the ministry and the Guardianship Council, which responded to the complaint and sent a detailed report on the case to the competent authorities, in March 2020. According to the secretariat, protective network teams returned to the house other times, but were unable to enter.

The folder also informs that its teams are accompanying the family to provide all the necessary social assistance.

Sought by Agência Brasil, the press office of the Secretary of State for Military Police reported that, according to the command of the 27th BPM, no official document on the case was found in 2020.

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