Ciro Gomes says he will manage Petrobras prices in an eventual government

Former minister Ciro Gomes (PDT) stated that he will manage the price of Petrobras’ fuel if he is elected president. In an interview with Election Center gives Globo News, the presidential candidate once again defended a change in the state-owned company’s pricing policy. “Every monopoly, the price is administered by the government. The market logic does not exist in a monopoly context. It (Petrobras) will have a price administered by the government, like the price of energy”, he said this Wednesday, 27.

Ciro proposed replacing the International Price Parity (PPI), which aligns fuel prices to those practiced outside the country, with a policy based on production costs plus a percentage of Petrobras’ profit.

“Petrobras’ profit last year was 38%, with this unscrupulous pricing policy. The profit of the most successful company was 9%. Is Petrobras investing (with that profit)? No, it is disinvesting. anticipated profit to shareholders”, he criticized.

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The presidential candidate also stated that he intends to buy shares in the company to increase the government’s shareholding in the company from 50% to 60%.

labor legislation

Ciro Gomes said again that he will replace the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) with a new Labor Code. “The CLT has aged, it does not make the necessary ruptures with what we have today. The idea is not to be reactive, reactionary, an impractical longing to return to the old CLT”, he pointed out.

The draft of this legislation is based on two axes: the international conventions that Brazil signed with the International Labor Organization and “the major issues that are judicialized”. Among the changes cited by Ciro would be the equalization of the salaries of outsourced workers with CLT workers and a framework of rights for app drivers.

minimum income

Ciro also spoke again that he will institutionalize a minimum income in Brazil to fight poverty. “I want to free the Brazilian people. On the eve of the election, especially in the Northeast, it’s a humiliation: ‘if you don’t vote for the guy, I’ll cut your Bolsa Família’. The basic idea is that it has constitutional status, that every Brazilian, whether or not not able to contribute to Social Security, is entitled to a minimum basic income”, he explained.


The former minister also said in the interview that he will leave the decision on who will be his deputy candidate for the deadline, August 5, waiting for a composition with PSDB, União Brasil or PSD. The presidential candidate recalled that the PDT has alliances with the acronyms in some states and, therefore, received a request from leaders to leave “the doors open”.

“União Brasil, which has Bivar as a candidate, has some alliances with me, like ACM Neto in Bahia. We support Ronaldo Caiado in Goiás, we support Mauro Mendes (Mato Grosso). from there. The PSD is led by Kassab, and they ask me to leave the door open so that we can, eventually, make this calculation (to appoint Ciro’s deputy),” he said.

Ciro said, however, that there are names qualified in the PDT to occupy the vice, if there is no composition with another party. He repeated that he prefers a woman for the vacancy.

‘Elbow pain’

In the interview, Ciro revealed that he had a “heartache” because of singer Anitta’s support for former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). When talking about proposals for the area of ​​culture, the pedestrian said he was an admirer of the artist and stated that he would like to have her vote.

Ciro attributed the statement of support to Anitta’s fear of being “cancelled” on social media. “She had said something essential: ‘I’m in doubt’. Because more of the same will make more of the same. She said: ‘I’m in doubt, I want to hear the debate, watch the candidates and then I’ll decide’. on top of her, she, to get rid of this fascist pressure from the PT people, people are surrendering so they don’t get cancelled”, said the presidential candidate.

Anitta declared her vote for Lula on Twitter in a publication on the 11th. “I’m not a PT member and I never have been. But this year I’m with Lula and anyone who wants my help to make him rock here on the internet, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram just ask me that being within my reach and not being against the electoral law I will do it”, wrote the singer. “From this moment on I am ‘Lulalá’ [no] first round. And I will fight for a novelty in Brazilian presidential politics in the next elections.”

Since then, the singer said she had talked to PT to explain the marketing strategy she considers ideal to win the election and defeat President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Taxation of fortunes

The presidential candidate for the PDT proposes taxing fortunes from R$ 20 million by 0.5% to fund a minimum income program. “I propose a taxation, which is foreseen in the Constitution, on large fortunes, which I am specializing: 0.5% on assets above R$ 20 million, would raise enough to finance this income with these other sources. R$ 60, R$ 70 billion a year. This reaches 58 thousand taxpayers in Brazil, in a country of 212 million, such is the savagery of income concentration in our country”, said Ciro.

Also according to the candidate, the minimum income program would bring together Auxílio Brasil, unemployment insurance, rural retirement, Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) and other aid already paid today and would re-establish the monitoring of social indicators that accompanied the Bolsa Família.

During the interview, Ciro also said that he intends to equalize the salaries of men and women in the proposal to create a new labor code for the country.

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