Coritiba’s performances: Igor Paixão has an apathetic display, and Egídio is sent off against Goiás | coritiba

the attacker Igor Passion had a performance below in the defeat of Coritiba by 1 to 0 for the Goiás this Saturday afternoon, in Serrinha, for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship. Left-back Egídio was sent off in the final stretch of the game.

With the setback, Coritiba dropped to 14th position, with 22 points, but could go further down the table. América-MG and Avaí, both aged 21, face each other on Sunday in Belo Horizonte. Cuiabá, which opens the Z-4, welcomes Fortaleza on the same day.

Technical sheet: Goiás 1×0 Coritiba
Coritiba loses to Goiás and continues without winning away

Igor Passion: the striker is not having a good phase at Coxa. He has repeated displays below and even apathetic or careless in the alviverde attack. In Goiânia, it was no different and, some bids, generated irritation from colleagues. Paixão has not scored in seven games and has two assists (in the same games) in the last 15 matches. Grade: 5.0

Egidio: the side even had a good game, especially in the first half, but he got the red card in the second half. The referee considered the move as aggression against Maguinho after a VAR review. It is the eighth expulsion of Coritiba in Serie A. note: 6.0

Goiás vs Coritiba — Photo: Felipe Dalke/Coritiba

  • Alex Muralha [GOL]: 6.5
  • Guillermo [ZAG]: 5.5
  • (Regis [MEC]: 5.0)
  • Henrique [ZAG]: 5.5
  • Luciano Castan [ZAG]: 5.5
  • Matheus Alexandre [LAD]: 5.5
  • Willian Farias [VOL]: 6.5
  • Bruno Gomes [VOL]: 6.0
  • (Jesus Trindade [MEC]: 5.5)
  • Egidio [LAE]: 6.0
  • Alef Mango [ATA]: 6.5
  • Igor Passion [ATA]: 5.0
  • Adrian Martínez [ATA]: 5.5
  • (Leo Gamalho [ZAG]: 5.0)

In the next round, Coritiba receives the saints on Monday, the 8th, at 8 pm, at Couto Pereira.

  • coritiba x Santos: 08/08, Monday, 20h – Couto Pereira (Brazilian)
  • coritiba x Atlético-MG: 08/14, Sunday, 11 am – Couto Pereira (Brazilian)
  • Fluminense x Coritiba: 20/08, Saturday, 20:30 – Maracanã (Brazilian)

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