doctor accused of homophobia is removed

A doctor who works in the municipal network of Santo André (SP) was temporarily removed from his position after being denounced for homophobia during a consultation with a young man with suspected monkeypox.

The removal was announced by the city hall this morning, but the case was registered during a consultation on Monday (25) at the UPA Central de Santo André, when the artist Matheus Góis, 23, sought help after having symptoms similar to of covid-19 and notice small blisters on the body.

At the time, Matheus sought out the Vila Vitória Specialty Medical Center. In the first consultation, he even had a test for syphilis, which was negative. A doctor then suspected the possibility of monkeypox and referred him to another health unit, the UPA Central de Santo André, which had sufficient infrastructure to carry out the examination.

“Arriving at the UPA, I was seen by a doctor who treated me with total disdain, as if I were a leper and negligent. I said I had gone to the specialty center and he asked me about my serology, I said it was negative and he replied, ‘Are you really sure? Because if you’re there [no Centro de Especialidades], it was due to some illness. Do you have a disease?'”, said Matheus in a publication on Twitter. The “disease” in question, according to the young man, would be the HIV virus.

After the question about HIV, the doctor would have asked the young man to leave the office so that the nurses “deal with the situation”. According to Matheus, the professionals’ treatment was “impeccable” and the nurses treated the virus as “another one to be solved with resources and information they had”.

“At no time did I feel coerced or treated as a carrier of the ‘new gay plague’. Only the male doctor treated me with total repulsion”, said Matheus. His post was shared almost 3,000 times in just over two days.

In a statement, the municipality regretted what had happened and said that an investigation process on the case had been initiated. “During this process, the doctor will remain away from the shifts in municipal health equipment”, punctuated the position.

The doctor’s name was not disclosed and the UOL failed to find the defendant’s defense.

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