Engineers point out what would have caused the screen to fall during boyband concert in Hong Kong

As investigations into the fall of a screen during a concert by the band Mirror advance, new hypotheses about the reason for the accident are raised. The performance took place on Thursday night (28) at the Coliseo in Hong Kong. While local authorities blame the event’s organization, engineers interviewed by the South China Morning Post believe that human negligence may also have played a crucial role in the incident. See the moment:

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According to the publication, the investigation of the case revealed that one of the two metal cables that supported the panel during the performance broke, which would have caused the tragedy – which seriously injured two members of the boyband. However, experts heard by the newspaper claim that only one of these wires would have enough strength to hold the giant monitor.

Instead, engineers offer another hypothesis. Louis Szeto Ka-sing – former chairman of the mechanical, marine, naval architecture and chemical division at the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers – said that each metal cable connected to the monitor should support the weight of the screen plus 25% of the value. The professional added that he suspects the wire lock may have failed. “(The monitor) should still be suspended above the ground (if the lock was working properly). There must be some (security locks) that can control the fall, as one of the metal cables and wires was still attached to the screen when it fell. But you can see it fell right through”, he stated.

Afterwards, Szeto assessed that the facility operator who was on site should have had enough time to break the fall manually, even if the lock was not working.

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Boyband is one of the most popular in Hong Kong. (Photo: Getty)

The question about the safety of the event was endorsed by Lo Kok-keung, a retired engineer from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. “They should have added a third safety chain to the screen to prevent future accidents. While not required by law, they should do so as extra protective measures.“, he pondered. Lastly, Lo revealed that any engineer hired would only perform one check, as the installation was set up before the show. Still, it was the organizer’s responsibility to ensure safety during all presentations that would take place on site.

The band, one of Hong Kong’s most popular, played the fourth in a series of 12 performances at the venue.

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