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Paraná Clube is qualified for the round of 16 of the Série D of the Brasileirão 2022, and this stamp in the passport came out of his hands: Philip, 38 years. The goalkeeper from Paraná saved two free kicks in the 5-4 victory against FC Cascavel after a goalless draw in normal time.

Felipe defended the first of Gama, when Serpente could close and guarantee the advance of the phase. Then, in the alternates, he held the beat of Léo Itaperuna and was the hero in a Vila Capanema with more than 11 thousand people.

When he got to the last kick, he spent my whole life as a player there, knowing that if he did it, he would end our dream, and Heavenly Father blessed me and I was able to defend.

— Felipe, goalkeeper of Paraná Clube

Technical sheet: Paraná Clube (5) 0x0 (4) Cascavel

Felipe celebrates penalty save by Paraná Clube — Photo: Igor Barrankievicz/Paraná

Before the penalties, the crowd was already screaming his name with the hope of saving Paraná in the competition. After the end, the fan shouted the name even louder.

Felipe commented on the moment the team is living and highlighted the struggle to reach Serie C.

– Paraná has been experiencing this for four or five years, but we don’t have to keep remembering what has already happened, we have to think about what can happen. What can happen is we try to put Paraná in Serie C – he added.

Paraná Clube fans celebrate after qualifying for the Round of 16 of Serie D against Cascavel

Paraná Clube fans celebrate after qualifying for the Round of 16 of Serie D against Cascavel

The experienced goalkeeper had already been the highlight in the 0 to 0 of the first leg, at the Regional Olympic. At the time, coach Omar Feitosa said that he is a “big team” athlete.

It is worth remembering that, if Paraná were eliminated, it would be without a national calendar until 2025. In the next phase, Tricolor faces Pouso Alegre.

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