GKay exposes the past, remembers the first cache and reveals what he bought with the money: “It was over…”


The influencer opened the game and decided to tell how she spent her first cache

Images: Reproduction/Official GKay Instagram - GKay poses for social media.
Images: Reproduction/Official GKay Instagram – GKay poses for social media.

The influencer Gessica Kayane, known as Gkay, caused a stir on the web after revealing how he spent his first paycheck. The famous, known for organizing the event “Farofa da GKay”, stated that he used the value to buy something essential, but that at the time he was out of.

During an interview with Vogue Brasil, the influencer stated that she bought the clothes she wore at MTV MIAW 2022, from the designer brand “Balenciaga”, abroad, but at the beginning of her career, things were not easy. In the chat, the famous still criticized the cost price of things today.

“I remember that it was a fee I received and I was very happy. If I’m not mistaken, at the time, it was fifty reais. I was very happy at the time because my gas had run out and that’s what I spent the money on”he said, revealing his purchase with the first fee.

In the sequence, the famous even made a criticism of the inflation of our country. “This shows the size of inflation because with fifty reais you could buy a cylinder, but today that’s impossible, right?”she lamented, when remembering the price of a gas cylinder in the past.

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