‘I canceled a party of 150 people to get married in Paris. And the dress didn’t close’ – 07/30/2022

Content producer Vivianne Miranda, 29, had planned her dream wedding to take place in June 2019. The party for 150 guests would be held in a castle in Brazil. But, as she was finishing college and her graduation work at the scheduled time, she preferred to postpone the celebration for another year. And she was surprised by the pandemic.

Tired of rescheduling the ceremony and seeing that such a big party no longer made sense, Vivianne and her fiance, Samuel Damaceno, 35, decided to change the party for a elopement wedding, a ceremony for two. The chosen location? Paris. Minutes before the wedding, however, the unlikely happened: the dress did not close.

Vivianne told universe what it was like to trade the party for an intimate ceremony — and what he did to get the buttons closed.

“We started planning our wedding in 2017, in a castle that I fell in love with as soon as we visited. In the beginning, the idea was to have a party for just 50 people, in the end we closed the celebration for 150 guests.

The expected date was June 2019, but as I was finishing the electronic engineering course, I was not able to reconcile the two. So, we decided to postpone it to June 2020. In March, we had our tea bar and the following Wednesday the pandemic was decreed in São Paulo. The city closed.

As I thought the situation would improve, we rescheduled the party to four months later, in October. In September, however, we began to rethink. In that time of seclusion, without contact with people, such a big party no longer made sense. We got away from some godparents and we didn’t want to take people who weren’t cheering for us to the altar.

The idea came: what if we got married in Paris? We had already visited and were in love with the city. We spoke to our advisor and she agreed. As the party in Brazil was all paid for, we talked to the suppliers to find out the value of the fine. We added it all up and decided that that would be the price of our freedom. We canceled everything and it was a relief! But because of the decision, many people stopped talking to us, called us selfish.

We took the money invested in a big party to spend on a wedding for two. We planned to go to Paris in 2021, but it didn’t happen. With the borders closed, we decided to get married in 2022. We wanted something very special. We searched for local suppliers, but ended up taking a photographer and film crew from Brazil.

Swollen feet and duct tape

“I did four fittings of the dress here and it was wonderful. But I went to Paris a week before the celebration, so I picked up the dress ten days before traveling. I noticed that my feet were swollen, but my clothes were fitting normally, and I didn’t try on the dress as soon as I got there.

On the dreamed day the weather was great, I received the bouquet at the hotel, I made a surprise for my fiance who was getting ready in another place. Everything was working out, I thought nothing would stop my marriage anymore. After taking my last picture in the robe, I was ready to put on the dress. I didn’t see the time.

When dressing, it passed through the hip, but when buttoning, it did not close. I had asked for the adjustments to be very accurate, I didn’t think the loose fabric was beautiful. But I didn’t count on that. The photographers and the makeup artist started to help me, each one pulling on one side. But it didn’t work, the buttons didn’t close. I didn’t have a rubber band, a ribbon, nothing. I hadn’t taken a brace, I wasn’t prepared for that unforeseen event. She needed to close, she couldn’t marry him open. I started to cry nervously.

Desperation took hold of me. The aide, who was almost at the ceremony site, ran back to the hotel to help me. At that time, I remembered videos I had seen on TikTok with a trick that used duct tape wrapped around the body to create a strap effect. I had taken a roll to pack the dress back. I decided to try.

I went to the bathroom and put some tape around my belly like it was a brace. I tightened it well. After that, we forced and managed to close the buttons. The crying is over. My fiancé, who was waiting for me, didn’t know anything.

Vivianne Miranda, 29, and Samuel Damaceno, 35, left a party for 150 people and got married alone in Paris - Personal collection - Personal collection

After the ceremony, Vivianne and Samuel took pictures in tourist places in Paris.

Image: Personal collection

I entered the ceremony with a violinist playing the wedding march. It didn’t matter that we weren’t at church. It was what I wanted. we did the first look, which is when the groom sees me dressed for the first time, and it was all wonderful. Nobody noticed anything. I didn’t tell Samuel until the ceremony was over.

Our wedding was at 11 am, but I had the tape on my body until 5 pm, because we were taking photos in Paris tourist spots. When I got back to the hotel, my skin was all red, scarred by the tape. I was able to walk during the day, but I couldn’t sit in the car, I had to lie halfway down.

I would live it all over again

When we told our families that we were going to ‘escape to get married’, they didn’t like the idea. They said it looked like we wanted to hide, they didn’t understand the essence of our choice, we wanted a unique moment for us. They were upset, yes.

To compensate, at the time we had lunch on the day of the wedding in São Paulo, just to not let the date go unnoticed. There were 15 people, close friends and family, we really enjoyed it.

It was worth every penny, every tape rolled, every headache we had to cancel the contract, travel, deal with upset parents and godparents. I would live this moment a thousand times, I wouldn’t change a thing. Was it perrengue? He was. But I wouldn’t change a thing to experience that emotion again.”

Vivianne Miranda, 29, content creator, lives in São Paulo

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