Images show more than 700 meteors ‘scratching’ the SC sky in one night | Santa Catarina

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According to astronomer Jocimar Justino, who coordinates the Monte Castelo station and is part of the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network (Bramon), the Delta Aquáridas do Sul is one of the best meteor showers to observe in Brazil.

“The meteors from this shower are probably formed by debris from comet 96P/Machholz, a comet that passes by grazing the Sun”, he says. According to Justin, every six years it passes within 18.6 million kilometers of the central star of the Solar System.

The number of occurrences recorded between Friday and early Saturday morning is considered a record at the monitoring station.

  • Falling meteors or space junk: what simultaneously scratched the sky of SC

“In addition to the meteors from this rain, sporadic meteors and other active radiant meteors such as Alpha Capricornids, for example, were also spotted,” he added.

Southern Aquáridas Delta activity typically occurs between July 22 and August 17, with a peak on July 30.

The number of meteors was considered a record at the monitoring station — Photo: Jocimar Justino/ Disclosure

Meteor shower in Monte Castelo — Photo: Jocimar Justino/ Publicity

Records were made between Friday night and Saturday morning — Photo: Jocimar Justino/ Disclosure

A meteor is a luminous phenomenon that occurs when a small fragment of space rock passes through the atmosphere at very high speed. When it enters Earth, this fragment rapidly compresses and heats the atmospheric gas, forming a bubble of plasma (heated, ionized gas), which glows for a certain period of time.

“However, at certain times of the year, the Earth passes through an area of ​​the sky that has a greater amount of debris left by comets or asteroids. When this occurs, several of these fragments reach the atmosphere at the same time, forming meteor showers”, explains to Bramon.

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