In the midst of fights with Simone, Simaria sends a message: ‘We are different’ | Column Fábia Oliveira

Although he is going through a difficult time, away from the stage and facing a crisis in his relationship with his sister Simone, Simaria shared several motivational messages on Friday night (29) on his Twitter.

She started off talking about not getting stuck in thoughts and living life more. “Think less, live more,” she wrote. Then, the sertaneja advised the fans to take one step at a time in search of new goals. “Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can,” she reflects.

In the end, the singer quoted the writer Maya Angelou. “We are more alike than we are different,” she said, who has been using social media little since she announced a career break in mid-June.

Recently, Simaria Mendes decided to share a reflection on his Instagram stories that, in fact, looked more like a pinprick, read indirect, after the recent controversy involving the impasse with his sister and vocal partner, Simone Mendes.

In her publication, Simaria spoke about disappointment. “The focus is to practice calm, because it is from this that all our creativity, love, light and all peace are born. Never count on disappointment, because it will never disappoint you”, she wrote, around 1 am this Saturday (23). In addition, Simaria also changed her profile picture to a photo of the late Hebe Camargo and Dercy Gonçalves.

The standoff between the sisters began to become evident to the fans still on stage. The height of the controversy took place in São João de Caruaru, in early June, after Simaria arrived late for the show, while Simone played the show alone. Simaria arrived a few minutes before the end of the duo’s performance and chose not to end the show, even seeing her sister saying goodbye to the audience to leave the stage.

Since then, it’s been climate pie after climate pie, especially after an interview with Simaria, in which she mentioned that she would no longer be silent in the face of everything that happens with her sister behind the scenes. Simone even mentioned the moments when she was always criticized by Simone behind the spotlight.

“Everything I’m going to do, I’m discriminated against by Simone. ‘Shut up, don’t do that, be quiet’. Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend 20-odd years of your life being told to shut up and not be yourself? Are you yourself or a character… Do you want me to swallow more?… You think I’m not compared to Simone all the time. ‘Simone is incredible, Simaria is a disgrace’. All the time listening to this”, said the sertaneja in an interview with the Metrópoles portal.

Shortly after her outburst, Simaria announced a career break and Simone took over the duo’s shows that were already scheduled alone. Afterwards, Simaria revolted even more, unfollowed her sister on Instagram, and even removed all the contacts she had previously on her official profile on the platform.

Meanwhile, Simone changed the name of her Instagram profile to Simone Mendes. Before she used Simone SES (Simone and Simaria). In addition, she has been implying in the shows that she was ‘abandoned’ by her sister, but has avoided dropping hints or further fueling the controversy surrounding the two.

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