Investigation concludes that delegate killed driver in BH for futile reason

The family of 48-year-old trailer Anderson Cândido de Melo, killed by police chief Rafael de Souza Horácio during a traffic fight last Tuesday (26), in Belo Horizonte, he will have to wait at least another 30 days to learn about the unfolding of the crime investigation, led by the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG). This is the deadline for the temporary arrest decreed by the Justice against the investigated on Friday (29), after completion of the investigation.

This Saturday morning (30), the policeman turned himself in and was taken to the PCMG Custody House. According to the spokesman of the corporation, Saulo de Tarso Castro, the delegate was indicted for the crime of double qualified homicide – for a futile reason and without the possibility of defending the victim.

As it is considered a heinous crime, the Civil Police will have 30 days, extendable for another 30, to complete the investigations. Until then, however, the delegate does not lose the position of delegate, and must continue to receive ⅓ of the salary as a civil servant.

The Civil Police spokesperson argued, at a press conference this Saturday afternoon, that the delegate was not caught red-handed on the day of the crime just because he spontaneously presented himself. The corporation denied that the initial release occurred because the officer claimed self-defense.

remember the case

The disagreement between the trailer driver Anderson Cândido de Melo and the delegate Rafael de Souza Horácio took place at Viaduto Oeste, in the Lagoinha Complex. Information gathered by O TEMPO with sources at the scene of the shooting indicates that the delegate was in an unmarked vehicle when he was closed by the truck, which started an argument.

After some time, the policeman would have closed the victim’s trailer and fired, which hit the man’s neck. Realizing that he had hit the driver, the shooter himself called the Civil Police and technical expertise attended the scene, making the initial surveys at the crime scene.

When the victim’s vehicle was to be removed from the scene, family and friends of the man who was shot protested, at which point a delegate explained aloud that the first forensic examination had already been carried out and that a new forensic examination would take place in a second place, not specified by the police officer. .

It was then that his daughter asked to get in the truck just to get the man’s phone, which was in a compartment under the passenger seat, and a sweater. No weapon was found in the truck, as noted by the report, which followed the situation.

who is the victim

Anderson’s neighbors, heard by the report, say that the trailer was a worker who dedicated himself to the family and the church. “There was never anything wrong with him, he was an evangelical man who only lived by fighting”, said a friend, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Father of four children (one boy and three girls) and loving to all of them, Melo was loved in the neighborhood as well as in the church community. “It was a shock (the death) for everyone, the pastor and the pastor are in his house. All his children lived with him, his wife is inconsolable”, reveals the neighbor. A friend of his, who also requested anonymity, said that he had never seen such “cowardice”.

“Saracura (as Anderson was known) was a great mechanic, an excellent professional in the towing business and an unparalleled friend. No one has ever seen Saracura at a card table, or at a bar table. It was service and church,” he detailed it.

(With information from Aline Diniz)

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