Is Neymar in danger of being left out of the World Cup?

Neymar could miss the World Cup in Qatar due to a trial in Spain. The Brazilian will be tried for irregularities in the contract with Barcelona, ​​which took place in 2013 and was directly involved by his father, who is his manager.

The complaint was made by DIS, a Brazilian company specializing in the football market, seven years ago. DIS had 40% of the player’s federative rights, but the agreement with Barcelona ended up ignoring the percentage and did not benefit the company.

According to DIS and the Spanish MP, Neymar and his father closed with the company in 2011, but at the same time signed two mock contracts with Barcelona and ignored the 40%.

“Barcelona and the player broke FIFA rules and altered free competition in the transfer market,” DIS claimed in its defence.

The Spanish Public Ministry demands the payment of 8.4 million euros (about R$45 million) and two years in prison for Neymar and his father, in addition to one year for his mother. The company seeks compensation of 150 million euros (more than R$815 million) and five years in jail for the three family members.

FIFA is charged BRL 2 billion before the World Cup

Fifa is being charged $440 million by Amnesty International. The values ​​are due to the humanitarian disrespects against the migrant workers who were part of the construction of the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup.

Amnesty submitted a 60-page report to address the abuse against workers. Among the arguments used, the document points to disrespect and lists the responsibilities of Qatar and FIFA, asking them to pay compensation.

“FIFA and Qatar have not protected migrant workers, who are essential for the 2022 World Cup, but they can act to compensate those who were seriously affected and the families of the many who died,” says Minky Worden, director of global initiatives at Human Rights Watch.

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