Klara Castanho returns to work after controversy, posts a photo and receives support on the networks: “Go with everything…”

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Klara Castanho received support on social media from celebrities such as Aline Campos, Amanda Azevedo and Rhaisa Batista

Klara Castanho returned to social media and announced her return to work
© Reproduction/Instagram/@klarafgcastanhoKlara Castanho returned to social media and announced her return to work

klara brown went through a super obstacle in her career and personal life in the last few months and the worst of all is that the actress had to face all the consequences with the internet court. After days of recovery to understand what had happened, the artist has apparently been able to return to her artwork.

That’s because this Saturday (30), Klara posted a photo and said she’s ‘studying’ the script for the second season of “back to 15”. The series is produced by Netflix and according to the portal ‘TV news‘, the platform will take every care so that the scenes do not make any allusion to Klara’s personal life and recent events. The post received comments from celebrities who supported the actress. Aline Campos.

It is worth remembering that after the open letter, Brown I had already gone to social networks to thank the messages of affection. “The last few days have not been easy, but I wanted to come here to thank you for every word of love, affection and welcome that I have received and have been receiving. All this affection has been very important to me and I needed to share my gratitude with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart“, he declared.


Last month, klara brown posted an open letter on Instagram in which she revealed she had been raped. The abuse produced a baby who was given to voluntary donation and the scandal won over Brazil mainly because it was revealed by columnists. “This is the most difficult story of my life. I thought I would take this pain and this weight with me alone. However, I cannot be silent when I see people conspiring and creating versions of repulsive violence and trauma that I suffered. I was raped“, said.

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