Letícia Sabatella appeared with a distorted face and reveals to the public

Actress Letícia Sabatella appeared with a wrinkled face and was moved by the filter

Letícia Sabatella she really likes interacting with her Instagram followers, so much so that the actress is always sharing a post. In recent days, the famous appeared with tears in her eyes in a video and made the audience emotional by showing her face totally distorted, due to the effects of time and advancing age.

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The images in the video were not real, because Letícia Sabatella was using a filter that simulated aging. The TV Globo star took advantage of the moment and revealed in the video what “would have happened” over the years: “Do you see yourself in 20, 30 years? This filter is exciting, as if I had seen so much resistance, so many emotions, so many overcomings. Wow… so much life in that face…”, said the actress.

Promptly, netizens interacted and expelled what they thought: “How beautiful!! Life is something extraordinary indeed!! What an opportunity for us to be here!!”, said an internet user. “How beautiful!!! What filter is this? While many only look back, I am one of those who am curious about what lies ahead…. I loved you and your sensitivity!”, wrote the actress Daniela Escobar. “How much Life, in each brand, how many stories, memories, This is arguably the greatest of all Riches,” concluded a third.

Letícia Sabatella appeared with a wrinkled face and crying (Photo: instagram)

Meeting with Serginho Groisman

Letícia Sabatella was one of the guests of one of the editions of the program “Altas Horas”, shown in February. In the attraction, the actress had a direct meeting with Serginho Groisman and talked a little about her personal life, performed and sang on stage, causing the delirium of the audience.

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After the meeting, the veteran declared herself to Serginho Groisman on social media and thanked him for the affection she received on ‘Altas Horas’: “It’s always a milestone, dear Serginho! Always a jump with an affectionate safety net. How I love you and this delicious team! The impeccable quality of everything! It’s suuuper Fuck band! Loving cast and audience! Increasingly Gratitude!”, wrote Letícia Sabatella in a post.

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