Limit of up to BRL 2 million? Check out!

Currently the number of entrepreneurs in Brazil is growing very quickly. The modification is due to the emergence of the possibility of officializing the work as an Individual Microentrepreneur.

With the new modality, people with small businesses can officially become companies. As a result, several benefits are offered to this new segment of the population. Among the options are lines of credit with special conditions.

MEI EXCLUSIVE credit card: Limit up to BRL 2 million?  Check out!
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BNDES Credit Card

The National Development Bank (BNDES) is offering a credit card with more affordable conditions for people who work as MEI. The objective is to provide a pre-approved credit for the acquisition of services and goods that help the company’s development.

This new modality is intended not only for those who work as MEIs, but also for micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs), clubs, associations and unions.

The recipients will be able to use the amounts to buy equipment, machines, parts and also pay for production inputs. The acquisition of electronics, furniture, packaging, software, innovation services, among others, will also be accepted.

The possibilities even allow the acquisition of a vehicle, but it is important to mention that it can only be used for the company’s own operations and not used for personal purposes.

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understand the rules

The rules are very simple to get one of the BNDES credit cards. The aim is to make the process easier for all types of entrepreneurs. Thus, it is necessary to follow five requirements.

The company must be established and national. For Individual Microentrepreneurs, it is necessary to have a maximum annual turnover of R$ 360 thousand. For the other modalities, the value is R$300 million per year.

The CNPJ, of all forms of enterprise, must be in good standing with public bodies. Finally, federal taxes and certificates must also be up to date.

Regarding the available limits, they can reach up to R$ 2 million. Limits of different banks can be added to make purchases. However, payment must be made in a maximum of 48 monthly installments and the installments have a fixed amount.

Interest rates change monthly and values ​​can be consulted from the BNDES Card Operations Portal. Once the service is contracted, the rate fixed per month will be maintained until the end of the financing.

Depending on the bank, the amount of the administrative fee will be linked to the payment amount. However, it cannot exceed the value of 2%.

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