Luan Carlos criticizes Brusque’s disallowed goal and asks: “And if I went to Cruzeiro, would I return?” | brusque

In a press conference, the coach did not hide his irritation with the VAR decisions, under the command of Thiago Duarte Peixoto, and the field referee, Paulo Roberto Alves Júnior.

In addition to the disallowed goal in Gabriel Taliari’s charge, he claimed two other penalties not marked for the Santa Catarina team: foul committed by striker Patrick and touch of the hand of the Raposa athlete in the sequence of the move.

– Brusque was badly harmed. Three penalties to score one. And when it is marked, they send back and give two rings. Wow, if I went to Cruzeiro, would I go back? It’s a question I ask. Probably not. It’s an injustice. We are here working and looking for the best for the club. There’s a lot involved in a game like this, you have to be professional. Ah, but there were two touches… there is doubt. The field referee gave the goal, the flag gave the goal, he was on top of the bid. It’s a shame, an absurdity, but if I talk too much here I’ll be punished. Football is no longer talked about in Brazil, only VAR. It’s not that we want to talk, but there are many mistakes. Lack of preparation – he vented.

Luan Carlos is the coach of Brusque — Photo: Lucas Gabriel Cardoso/Brusque FC

In the 45th minute of the second half, the referee signaled the penalty for the Santa Catarina team when Jailson looked for a cross and the ball touched Lucas Oliveira’s arm. Two minutes later, Gabriel Taliari took the kick and displaced Rafael Cabral. The striker left to celebrate with the crowd, but the bid was disallowed after VAR warned about the two touches (check it out in the video).

Brusque's goal is nullified by Taliari's two touches in the penalty kick

Brusque’s goal is nullified by Taliari’s two touches in the penalty kick

With the result, Brusque added a point in the table. Quadricolor reaches 24, is in 12th place and opens four points from the relegation zone.

The next match will be against Sampaio Corrêa, on Thursday, August 4, at 19:00 (Brasília time), at Augusto Bauer.

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