N26 makes the decision to counter-attack Nubank

O Nubank announced the launch of the so-called “little boxes“, which allow the user to save money for goals and objectives outside the traditional digital account. The service, however, is similar to what is offered by the German digital bank N26in this case, the “boxes” are named “spaces“.

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With the repercussion, N26 decided to counteract Nubank and announce that the money deposited in the customers’ account will yield 100% of the CDI on the 1st day. The decision draws attention because, in addition to the launch of the boxes, the Nubank account underwent changes.

The service retains the yield of 100% of the CDI, however, retroactively for new deposits. In practice, this means that the 30-day profit will only be deposited from the 31st day of application. This fact displeased many people who found in NuConta’s daily liquidity a good option for profitability.

Nubank is justified

As a justification for the creation of “boxes” and account change, Nubank highlighted that the new form of organization will allow the customer to enjoy other types of income.

Among them are the Bank Deposit Receipts (RDB), with the possibility of immediate liquidity for the emergency reserve, or daily, in addition to a yield of 100% of the CDI.

Another novelty is Nu Reserva Imediata, which works as “a fund with a strategy focused on fixed income with daily liquidity and the potential to surpass the CDI rate over time”.

N26 counter-coup

After having the “spaces” service compared with Nubank’s “boxes”, N26 decided to release the automatic and no-charge revenue from its service. For this, the user just deposits the money in the bank for him to start earning 100% of the CDI every day.

From there, the investor receives the return on his investment daily, according to the DI rate and the value he has stored. “For example, with a DI rate of 13.15%, if you put R$500 in your “space”, the net income would be R$0.19 per day or R$4.18 per month”, he declared in notes Eduardo Prota, CEO of the Bank in Brazil.

So far, 6,500 “spaces” have been created by the first users and testers of N26 accounts in Brazil. Among the most popular purposes for storing money are: fun, housing, travel, savings, and other reasons.

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