Nanda Costa shows her twin daughters and enchants: “beauties”

Nanda Costa publishes click of the twins and smiles of the little ones draw attention

The actress Nanda Costa exploded the fufurometer by publishing a beautiful record of her twin daughters. The celebrity is the mother of two girls. Little Kim and Tiê are nine months old and were born in October last year. They are the result of the marriage between the famous and the musician. Lan Lan.

The artists took up the relationship in 2018. The two have always had the desire to form a family. And to make this big dream come true, they resorted to the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF). After this process, the twins who are the great joys of moms came into the world.

On social media, both Nanda and Lan Lanh usually share with their followers several moments of fun with the little ones. In addition to sharing the challenges of motherhood.

Recently, Nanda Costa pondered the challenges of being a mother. “Walking by to say that I’m loving being a mother, best thing, my biggest job. I never worked so hard. But I think it’s my biggest job. I think that everything we do with love is beautiful and here it is double love”, she began.

Following the report, the actress added: “We are very happy with the girls, two blessings, two princesses, they are super partners, but it really takes work, because they are two people. They are very different, they are beautiful, but I am sharing, as I have always been so true in my stories always showing the reality and I think that nowadays there are more people talking about real motherhood than in the past”, reported the first-time mother.

However, the artist not only shares with fans the difficulties, but also the joys of being a mother. On the afternoon of this Friday (29), Nanda Costa enchanted netizens by registering a cute moment of the twins in a beautiful photo album.

In the images, the babies appeared smiling and with bows in their hair as they played in an orange chair and on a beautiful sunny day. “An enlightened sextou for you”, she wrote and famously excited.

The beautiful click yielded many affectionate comments from friends and artist fans. The actress and friend, Fabiula Nascimento, made a point of leaving her affection: “Beautiful! Aunt Biula loves”. Actress Larissa Manuela melted: “What a treat”. Another fan fired: “Too beautiful”.

Nanda Costa appears with her babies and the babies' smile draws attention

Instagram reproduction Daughters of Nanda Costa and Lan Lanh appear smiling and enchant fans

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