New Chevrolet Bolt electric arrives until September with futuristic look

After a long delay due to chip shortages and a battery recall, the new Chevrolet Bolt, which began pre-sales exactly one year ago, is finally on its way to Brazil. This story has already become a soap opera, but now it looks like the next chapter is on the air. The promise is that the restyled electric hatch in the United States in 2021 will arrive here in August, with deliveries beginning until September.

On sale in the country since 2019 (debuted in 2016 in the US), the Bolt will come with a modernized aesthetic and interior. Thus, the model brings the latest style of eletric cars of Chevrolet, and restarts the tie brand’s offensive in the electrification of vehicles in Brazil.

Chevrolet Bolt

The new Bolt has as highlights the new headlights and lanterns, and the list of robust standard equipment, which has, for example, a 10.2″ multimedia screen. The electric set of the hatch made in Orion (USA) remains the same. The engine generates 150 kW, equivalent to 203 hp of power, and a torque of 36.7 mkgf. Along with it comes a 65 kWh battery pack. With it, the autonomy, according to GM, is up to 416 km. The model can recharge at fast charging stations, so it takes 30 minutes to recover energy to travel 160 km.

Chevrolet Bolt

There is also a One Pedal system (brake and accelerator on the same pedal), which allows battery charging. Finally, it takes 7.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 96 km/h.

Benefits for those who have already purchased

With pre-sales in Brazil in July 2021, the new Bolt sold all 20 units of the first batch in less than 24 hours. The price at the time was BRL 317,000. That is, R$ 50,000 more than the predecessor. Today, the value is unavailable on site of brand.

The first buyers of the new Chevrolet Bolt won a wallbox charger and the device installation. In principle, customers will be entitled to the OnStar connectivity service for free. In addition, they will have one year of native Wi-Fi, 14 months of exemption from the Veloe tag and Protect & Connect package, with services such as tracking.


To intensify the electrification of its vehicles in Brazil, GM will triple the network of authorized dealerships to work with electric cars. Initially, the goal is to reach 79 points. The expectation is that the new Bolt will come cheaper. After all, after it resumed production in May, the tie brand lowered the hatch price in the US. Today, the value starts at US$ 31,500, equivalent to about R$ 164,000 in direct conversion and without fees.

GM Chevrolet Bolt EUV

In addition to the hatch, General Motors has already confirmed the arrival, in 2023, of the EUV Bolt (pictured above), which is the crossover version. Finally, electric blazer and equinox will also arrive in the country between 2024. It remains to be seen whether, this time, the schedule will be fulfilled.

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