Nubank is champion in cell phone hacking complaints

Networks are full of reports from Nubank customers who had their accounts hacked (NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP via Getty Images)

Networks are full of reports from Nubank customers who had their accounts hacked (NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP via Getty Images)

  • Networks are full of reports of fintech customers who had their accounts hacked;

  • Nubank, Mercado Pago and PicPay are responsible for more than half of the complaints;

  • The survey was carried out by ReclameAqui, based on data from the platform.

The largest digital bank in Brazil, Nubank, is the leader in complaints in Brazil when it comes to cell phone theft and account invasion, as revealed by a survey by the ReclameAqui platform, where users can assess the service and the problem of the most diverse companies in Brazil.

The fintech app is constantly praised for its usability, featuring an easy-to-understand interface and simple access. While it’s good for your customers, this usability seems to be good for criminals as well, who can easily get into a user’s account by stealing their cell phone.

According to the ReclameAqui survey, Nubank had 299 complaints in the first half of 2022 about hacking into accounts. In second place is Mercado Pago, with 270, and PicPay, with 128 complaints. The three fintechs are responsible for 54% of the total complaints made in the period.

Complaints are not limited only to the invasion that took place, but also to the companies’ difficulty in responding to customers in a timely manner. One of the complaints states that the victim even called the bank to block the application and cancel the cards, but even so the criminals made purchases of more than R$ 2 thousand on the virtual card, which is protected by a password.

The same victim also reports that she made a report to the police station, but that it was not accepted by the bank because the exact value of the improper purchase was not included.

“I didn’t have any visibility of what had been done on my account when I made the newsletter, so I made another BO, with the purchase price included, and sent it. Every day since then I receive several different emails from people different, saying different things regarding my contestation, but no resolution. And now they are charging me, since my invoice closed with this amount included”, reported the victim.

In recent months, Nubank was also the target of several criticisms on social networks, where users exposed difficulties in being able to block their accounts, in addition to showing astonishment at the ease with which criminals were able to enter their accounts.

In the same report, the victim stated that in just three days he was able to solve the problems with his Itaú virtual card, which was also on the stolen cell phone, while Nubank took more than 10 days to present a solution to the problem.

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