Optimism returns to the market and analysts indicate 8 cryptocurrencies to buy and that can rise 25%

This week, the Fed raised interest rates in the United States by 0.75 percentage points, which brought optimism to the cryptocurrency market. Last Wednesday, the 27th, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the The United States Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates in the country, which rose 0.75 percentage points.

The announcement was reflected in the rise in the price of bitcoin and other crypto-assets. which even rose more than BTC, as was the case with Ethereum Classic (ETC).

In the speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, the messages were a little more ‘dovish’ – an expression that indicates an accommodative monetary policy, which chooses to keep interest rates low –, which generated optimism in the market, amid high inflation and economic slowdown.

Thus, from a short-term perspective, there was a reaction on the part of buyers in the region of US$ 21 thousand. In the analysis by the Research team at Transfero, if this prevailing force remains active, bitcoin could reach the $27,000 zone on that horizon.

In the medium/long term view, according to the company, it is possible to see the nine-period moving average on the weekly chart, still serving as a barrier to prices. If it breaks, the next resistance levels are seen in the $27K, $29K and $31.5K zones.

Despite the macro scenario not collaborating with good expectations for the markets, the latest downward movement in the price of bitcoin suggests a stronger correction by buyers.

10 cryptocurrencies to buy that can go up 25%

With the slight recovery in the price of Bitcoin, optimism has returned to the cryptocurrency market and two Brazilian analyzes indicate that altcoins are showing more recovery strength than BTC and therefore are good purchase options for portfolio diversification and can also present greater returns. than BTC.

Atom analysts indicate that, in addition to Bitcoin, they are eyeing 4 cryptocurrencies that could rise. The first of these is Dogecoin (DOGE) which is the largest memecoin on the market and, according to the company, as soon as the market starts to signal a greater recovery, the price of DOGE should strongly follow the upward movement.

In second place is AVAX, an ecosystem that allows developers to create their projects within its platform, using specific blockchains for smart contracts and applications.

“New changes are constantly being implemented, facilitating the usability of its ecosystem, thus attracting more developers and investors, further increasing its appreciation potential”, highlights the company.

In third place is Solana, a platform that seeks to provide developers with the creation of decentralized applications without the need to design around performance bottlenecks.

“Solana has a well-structured team of developers, who daily build ways to develop techniques that aggregate and, above all, make it even easier for all users to use,” he said.

Finishing Atom’s list is BNB, which according to the company has a team of developers focused on developing new updates, further increasing its range of features.

Cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on

Lucas Schoch, founder of Bitfy, selected 4 cryptocurrencies, among the top 100 on the market, that rose leaving Bitcoin aside. The first altcoin that the expert highlights is Ethereum Classic (ETC).

“In the last seven days, the currency has not appreciated much compared to the previous week of 82%, but it has gained 11%, which gives the cryptocurrency the highest place on our podium,” he said.

In second place Schoch highlights EOS, a platform designed to allow developers to create decentralized applications, also known as D’Apps and which rose more than 4% over the week.

In third place, the analyst points to OKB, a cryptocurrency launched by the OK Blockchain Foundation and the Maltese cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange, newly named OKX, the former OKEx. The broker is one of the largest in the world and currently ranks third in liquidity and fourth in trading volume.

“OKEx is very similar in many ways to cryptocurrency exchange Binance, but there are some important differences, such as OKX having its own cloud mining service, and focusing on providing more trading options to its users. Last week, the exchange’s native token appreciated by the equivalent of 3%,” he said.

At the end of the executive’s list, we have Monero, which rose by 2% and which he believes can also play a leading role this week.


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