Palmeiras coach, Abel fears that the Brazilian will be decided off the field

Abel Ferreira, once again, complained a lot about refereeing errors
photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras

Abel Ferreira, once again, complained a lot about refereeing errors

Refereeing was, once again, the central theme of the press conference given by Portuguese coach Abel Ferreira after Palmeiras’ 2-1 victory over Cear, this Saturday, at Arena Castelo, in Fortaleza, for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship. Minutes after Anderson Barros, director of football at the club alviverde, made a statement criticizing the performance of the gacho referee Anderson Daronco, the coach started talking about the matter. And he said he feared the competition being decided off the field.

“We have to value more what we have, we can no longer be alone in the chairs we have and receive our money without action. I am sad because I would like to behave differently at the bank. I have made a very big effort to control myself, but they happen things on the field that take me seriously because there is a lot at stake. There are titles, prestige, money and, above all, our work. In the last conference (interview) I said that I would like this championship to be decided within the four lines by two teams, but I’m starting to have some doubts. But we’re going to keep doing what we control”, he said.

What Abel Ferreira complained about the most about the game was Danilo’s penalty in Vina, which led to Cear’s goal in the final part of the second half. In the bid, Daronco was not even called by VAR to analyze the play.

“I feel a pain inside me because this gentleman (Daronco) is one of the best Brazilian referees. Today (Saturday) we won, but we could have drawn or lost, we were already out of a competition for things we didn’t control. my players who were warriors, competent, intelligent. We won in a field that is very difficult to win, just look at the teams that are fighting for the title like us and that came here and didn’t win. Congratulations to my players, continue in this fight and try to be positive to overcome all obstacles, always giving the best of us”, he commented.

“The only thing I have to say is that Brazilian football is one of the biggest industries in the country, one of the industries that exports the most, one of the industries that gives the State the most money and we, coaches, players are responsible for what I control. competitive teams, having a team that we value, having a team where many teams in Europe want our players, that’s my job. To value the show, value the club, value my players”, said Abel Ferreira.

Criticism aside, the coach made a point of highlighting the importance of the victory for Palmeiras and once again criticized the condition of the Arena Castelo lawn. “We know how important this victory is here, how hard my players worked to win here. We had a good, smart first half, we played the best we could on this pitch because it’s a pitch where we always need to hit three or four. game, for two reasons, because the lawn is bad, and because the heat is tight, but for both teams. Therefore, a first half was very well done by us, the second as well. After the sending off, we controlled the whole game”, said .

“A fair victory that could have been even greater, but in any case, congratulations to our opponent, because we knew how difficult it was to play here and a game that, in my opinion, was the victory of the best team, which played better and that he had to suffer a little in the end, but that’s part of it”, concluded the Portuguese.

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