PCB launches Sofia Manzano’s candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic | Elections 2022

The Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) officially launched this Saturday (30) the candidacy of Sofia Manzano for the Presidency of the Republic. The party held a national convention in São Paulo. Sofia’s name was confirmed by acclamation.

The party also launched Antônio Alves to compose the ticket as vice president.

Despite the left-wing orientation, the PCB decided to reject an approach in the first round with the Workers’ Party. This is the fifth election in a row in which the PCB does not close with the PT in the first round.

For the PCB, the PT and, in particular, the party’s presidential candidate, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, have moved towards the right since Lula’s second term at the head of the Planalto Palace.

In her speech, Sofia defended changes in the law that, according to the candidate, will benefit workers. Among the changes listed by Sofia are the repeal of the Social Security reform, the labor reform and the spending ceiling.

“We have to go on the offensive. We have to revoke the labor reform, we have to revoke the pension reforms made since the FHC administration, but also in the PT governments, and the last reform [aprovada no governo do presidente Jair Bolsonaro]. We have to repeal the spending cap law and the fiscal responsibility law, which prevents public resources from being allocated to the public sector,” said the candidate.

She pointed out that the working class has been going through, in recent years, successive loss of rights and degradation of working conditions. Therefore, the candidate defends the reduction of the working day to 30 hours per week.

“We have seen that fighting for the reduction of the working day to 30 hours a week, without salary reduction, has taken hearts and minds. The working class understands that this is the only way to have, in a short space of time, an improvement in life. of our population”, argued the candidate.

Sofia Manzano was born in 1971 in São Paulo. Economist and teacher, she joined the PCB in 1989, at the age of 17. In the following years, she acted in the student movement at PUC-SP.

In 2014, she was a candidate for vice president on the ticket headed by Mauro Iasi (PCB). The duo placed second to last with 47,845 votes (0.05%).

Sofia’s running partner, Antônio Alves, is a journalist and still has no electoral experience. He got his start in politics through the trade union movement. In 2018, he was campaign coordinator for Fausto Ripardo, candidate for the Senate from Piauí.

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