Pourchaire wins in Hungary. Fittipaldi 2nd and Drugovich 9th – Formula 2 News

Théo Pourchaire bet on an aggressive start to win race 2 of the Hungarian round of F2, held this Sunday (31). The Frenchman, lined up in fourth, took second place before the end of the first lap, took advantage of the pit-stops round to climb to the lead and only needed to manage the tires to claim another triumph in 2022, his third of the season.

Enzo Fittipaldi repeated the excellent result with Charouz in the sprint race and took the podium again, but this time in second place. Ayumu Iwasa, who started in pole position, completed the podium.

Felipe Drugovich lost a lot of performance in the final laps and fought hard to score. He managed to cross the finish line in ninth, but saw the gap to Pourchaire plummet to just 21 points in the standings.

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F2 start in Hungary (Photo: Reproduction/F2)

Contrary to what was seen in F3, the track was already dry for the main F2 race. The drivers, therefore, only had to worry about the usual tire choice strategy. On the grid, the trio at the top of the table lined up in sequence: Drugovich in third, with Pourchaire in fourth and Sargeant in fifth position.

At the start, Iwasa lost position to Marcus Armstrong and still couldn’t contain the great start of Pourchaire, who jumped from fourth to second. Drugovich, in this, lost a position, ahead of Frederik Vesti and Fittipaldi – who jumped from ninth to a great sixth place. The one who started the race badly was Logan Sargeant, who dropped to 11th.

On lap 4, Fittipaldi made a beautiful pass over Vesti and took fifth place. From there, the home dispute between the driver of Charouz and Drugovich began to take shape, just as it was in the sprint race.

On lap 5, the race management applied a 5s penalty to Vesti for having, in the stewards’ view, forced overtaking Jüri Vips. At the time, the track position of both was sixth and seventh, respectively.

On the same lap, Drugovich had the best lap of the race, looking both to get close to Iwasa and also to keep the distance to Fittipaldi. In the lead, Armstrong opened 1s6 for Pourchaire, who began to suffer a strong attack from the Japanese from Dams, just 0s3 of the Frenchman, and started to make a defensive line to sustain the second position.

Eight laps completed, and Drugovich was the first from the front to stop and switch from soft to medium compounds. Jehan Daruvala and Olli Caldwell also entered the pits, and immediately the Dams team also decided to call Iwasa to the pit lane. All pointers entered the sequence, proving that the soft tires could no longer hold out. Leader, Armstrong had problems at the stop and came back after Pourchaire.

Iwasa and Pourchaire compete for position in Hungary (Photo: Reproduction/F2)

Meanwhile, Fittipaldi was the virtual leader, but still without stopping and also on soft tyres. The Brazilian entered only on lap 11, but the strategy of staying on the track turned out to be valid, as he managed to return just behind Pourchaire. When the grid realigned, the Charouz driver would be in second place.

The cold tires, however, allowed for Iwasa’s fierce attack, but Fittipaldi managed to defend himself very well. Drugovich was right behind the Japanese, in 14th, but virtually fourth.

On lap 13, the question became the rain. From the first to the tenth, all were on medium tires, therefore further away from the pit-stop window. If the rain were to fall, it could change the race completely, as it would force everyone who started on soft tires to make one more pit stop.

But while the rain didn’t give the air of grace, the disputes on the track continued. Enzo managed to distance himself from Iwasa, and who managed to reach the Japanese was Drugovich. Known for being a great tire manager, the expectation was whether the Brazilian would get a more incisive attack in the final laps. Meanwhile, on the 15th lap, Fittipaldi was setting the fastest lap.

Up front, Dennis Hauger and Lawson had a good fight for fourth position. And Vesti was already opening more than 7s for Vips, enough time to pay the 5s penalty and not lose the post to the Hitech representative. One more lap completed, the 17th, and Lawson left Hauger behind, taking fourth place. Both, however, had not yet made the mandatory stop.

19 laps completed, and the top eight finishers at the time — Vesti, Vips, Richard Verschoor, Lawson, Sargeant, Hauger, Clément Novalak and David Beckmann — still hadn’t stopped. The ninth was Pourchaire, that is, the virtual leader.

Fittipaldi, who didn’t care about waiting for rivals to stop to gain positions, started on Beckmann and took eighth, immediately behind the ART rival. The distance between the two was 2s. The advantage for Iwasa, however, was over 3s.

Meanwhile, Drugovich was in tenth, with Armstrong very close, 0s3 behind the championship leader. 24th lap, and the Hitech driver managed to overtake the MP representative, taking the virtual fourth position.

Lap 29, and finally the medium tire pointers ended the pit-stop window. With the positions restored, we had the following top-10: Pourchaire, Fittipaldi, Iwasa, Armstrong, Drugovich, Vesti, Amaury Cordeel, Vips, Daruvala and Caldwell.

Pourchaire, Fittipaldi and Iwasa on the podium in Hungary (Photo: Reproduction/F2)

On lap 31, Drugovich fought as hard as he could to stop Vesti from overtaking, but the ART driver’s much newer tires made the difference. Vips came along and also managed to overcome the Brazilian, who dropped to seventh.

The Estonian, even, had no difficulties to open more than 2s in just one lap, indicating problems with the MP’s car, whether it was tire wear or any other. At that moment, by the way, Drugovich turned 1min37s, while the leaders were in the 1min34s range. The world leader was losing more and more performance, and the next to overtake the pilot was Verschoor. Fatally, finishing the race without points started to be a dangerous reality.

While the fight was going on, the camera showed some raindrops, but still insufficient to force an extra stop for all the drivers, who followed the track. At the end, Pourchaire was walking calmly to conquer his third victory of the year and lean even more on the Brazilian in the leaderboard.

Drugovich still had to fend off Sargeant at the end, but managed to cross the finish line in ninth, ahead of his rival in the title fight. The remainder of the top-10 was completed by Vesti (fourth), Vips (fifth), Armstrong (sixth), Lawson (seventh) and Verschoor (eighth). Sprint race winner Jack Doohan retired on lap 4.

F2 2022, Hungarian GP, ​​Hungaroring, main race, final result:

twoAND FITTIPALDICharouz+3,641
5J VIPSHigh-tech+9,624
6M ARMSTRONGHigh-tech+13,542
7L LAWSONcarlin+14,755
8R VERSCHORtrident+20,156
10L SARGEANTcarlin+29,230
11J DARUVALAprice+42,499
12C NOVALAKPM+42,805
13C BÖLÜKBASICharouz+45,736
14D BECKMANVan Amersfoort+47,459
15M SATOvirtuosi+47,669
17C WILLIAMStrident+51,200
18THE CORDEELVan Amersfoort+56,084
19D HAUGERprice+77,981
J DOOHANvirtuosiNC

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