Readjustment of food and meal vouchers should accompany inflation?

Under labor law, the food stamps and food are benefits that may or may not be offered by companies. That is, they are not obliged to provide to workers. But, in this case, does the value of the vouchers follow inflation? Understand.

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In addition to choosing whether or not to provide vouchers, companies can define readjustments – whether or not they will exist. Unless the rules are defined in convention or collective agreement for each category.

Do vouchers keep up with inflation?

As they are not mandatory transfers, the vouchers do not accompany the salary increase. But companies often readjust the vouchers to prevent workers from losing even more purchasing power.

But that doesn’t mean that vouchers keep up with inflation. For example, a survey carried out by Sodexo – supplier of food stamps and meals – showed that there was an increase in the average value of benefits.

It was 10.08% for food stamps and 7.42% for meals. Data was collected from Sodexo’s customer base. Despite the high, the readjustments were below inflation.

The survey considered the increase in benefits in the first three months of 2022 compared to the same period last year. The research also showed that workers from the Midwest region had the highest average value for food stamps in relation to other regions of Brazil. It was BRL 534.41.

Based on the data released by Sodexo, it is even more evident that vouchers do not follow inflation. What happens is that many companies are looking for ways to reduce the fall in the purchasing power of workers, with punctual readjustments in benefits.

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