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At what pace is support for Lula and Bolsonaro for the 2022 elections? If the question is musical, the answer shows an uneven division with respect to the styles of the most popular supporters.

  • Support for Bolsonaro (PL) is almost entirely concentrated on singers country people. The good news for the president is that this is the most heard style in Brazil. The bad news for him is that this is the only pace he excels at.
  • Lula (PT) predominates among the best-known artists of other genres, especially in MPB, rap and pop.

The table below, based on recent statements made by these musicians on social networks and in the press, shows some of the most well-known defenders of Lula and Bolsonaro in each genre:

See the musicians who support Lula or Bolsonaro in each style.

The table is not a survey among all musicians in the country. The objective was to look for well-known artists, with at least 100,000 followers on Instagram, who gave public statements and repercussions in favor of Lula or Bolsonaro, to find out what the support is like at each rhythm.

The comparison was made between Lula and Bolsonaro because the two candidates are the best placed in the most recent polls, such as that of Datafolha.

Ciro Gomes, who is in third place in the polls, has two notorious supporters in pop music with a declared vote in 2022 so far: rocker Tico Santa Cruz and samba singer Alcione.

And among the most listened to artists today?

In addition to the division by styles, the g1 also sought to find out what is the support for Lula and Bolsonaro among the most listened to artists in Brazil today.

The list considered was the 100 most listened to active Brazilian artists in the country on Spotify in the second week of July. Check out who defends Lula or Bolsonaro:

The list does not include singers who have defended one of the candidates in previous elections, but have reconsidered the position. This is the case of ex-BBB Rodolffo, from the duo with Israel, who he wrote on Instagram that supported Bolsonaro in 2018 but will not necessarily maintain this support.

Who has the most followers on the rise?

The same list of the 100 most listened to musicians on Spotify was the basis for another comparison: which of these artists follow Lula or Bolsonaro on Instagram?

The act of following a politician does not necessarily indicate support for the candidacy. But the comparison points, at least, to the interest in Lula and Bolsonaro among the most listened to musicians in the country. See below:

Both sides of placement

The 2022 election campaign has already started with a high rate of vote certainty. In May of this year, Datafolha already pointed out that 69% of Brazilians had the vote for president decided.

Among the 100 most listened to Brazilian singers, only 12% of artists declares support for one of the candidates.

Why do most people avoid showing political preference? “Usually, artists who manifest themselves end up attracting a lot of ‘hate’ (hate), cursing on social networks and even losing followers”, says businesswoman Fátima Pissarra, owner of the Mynd agency.

They “avoid positioning themselves exactly so as not to attract these haters and not lose ‘jobs’ (jobs), as they run the risk of not being hired by the brands. A very sad situation these days, in my opinion, when we should be being encouraged to take a stand”, says Fátima.

“I think that the path of neutrality is not recommended for anyone. I believe that every human being needs to understand that it is natural to express their opinion, without running the risk of dying, not having a job or attracting ‘haters'”, says the businesswoman.

“Who you are going to vote for should not be relevant for a brand to hire you or not, but who you are, the issues you endorse and the topics you discuss”, says Fátima Pissarra.

Pedro Tourinho, businessman and founder of the Soko agency, states that “the fear that artists still have of taking a political stand comes from a notion of the more traditional mass media vehicles, established mainly during the 90’s, that any political position could bring trouble to artists.”

“This created a pasteurized artistic class, afraid of making mistakes, which thinks it’s not worth getting into politics and alienated from the public debate. But that is changing”, analyzes Pedro.

Marcos Lauro, owner of the Orfeu agency, works with MPB and rap artists, where the positioning index is higher than average. He says that “political demonstration is a lot of work”.

“It’s no use for the artist to just say that he’s with the cause, that he agrees or disagrees, without translating this into everyday attitudes. saying that to please or to gain public”, says Marcos.

Support reinforces ‘belonging’, but ‘real life’ counts more

The public support of an artist “is not the main factor in the campaign”, explained Mauro Paulino, political commentator for GloboNews, in his participation in “Jornal das Dez” (see the full video below).

“What weighs more, in the elaboration of the vote, is in fact what the voter experiences in his daily life”, says Mauro.

“But the support of an artist, especially these influencers, can help in a factor that also has a weight in the elaboration of the vote, which is the feeling of belonging”, he explains.

“The voter, when realizing that certain artists, from a certain line, support a candidate, if they like these artists, they can feel that they belong to the group that candidate is associated with”, says Mauro Paulino.

“But certainly, the guy who has an Anitta poster on the wall, but for some reason doesn’t like Lula, it’s not because Anitta supported Lula that he will vote for him. Likewise, those who like the sertanejos, if they have any rejection of Bolsonaro, this rejection will weigh more heavily, which is mainly based on what he perceives in real life”, he ponders.

Mauro: Support from artists helps the campaign's popularity

Mauro: Support from artists helps the campaign’s popularity

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