Santo André City Hall removes doctor accused of homophobia when treating gay patient with suspected monkeypox | Sao Paulo

The city hall of Santo André announced this Saturday (30) that it removed the doctor who was accused of prejudice in the care of a gay patient with suspected monkeypox. The city government informed that, “as soon as it became aware of the facts, it started the investigation process” and that, “during this process, the doctor will remain away from the shifts in the municipal health facilities“.

Actor Matheus Góis, 23, reported having been a victim of homophobia during medical care at an Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Santo André, Greater São Paulo, on Monday (25). Even after negative, the doctor insisted on wanting to know if he was HIV positive, and questioned whether he was sure of his condition.

The case took place at the UPA Central de Santo André, where the patient was after being referred by the Vila Vitória Specialty Medical Center, also in Santo André.

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Matheus was directed to the Central UPA after a doctor from the Specialty Center informed him of the suspicion of monkeypox, also known as monkeypox, since the Specialty Center does not have tests for this type of diagnosis.

Gay patient with suspected monkeypox reports prejudice in UPA in Santo André

Gay patient with suspected monkeypox reports prejudice in UPA in Santo André

In an interview with g1, Góis said that the doctor from the UPA Central asked him what he did at the Specialty Medical Center in Vila Vitória, and asked if he “has disease”, in reference to the HIV infection.

“The first question he asked was: what were you doing there? [no Centro de Especialidades]? Then I said, nothing, I went to see me for a syphilis test. Then he said: do you have a disease? What is your serology?”, Góis said.

“I immediately said, look, I’m negative, HIV negative. Then he said: ‘Are you sure you are? ‘Cause if you were there [no Centro de Especialidades], do you have any illness? I asked like this: what disease?’ Then he said: ‘yeah, illness, but never mind, I’ll send it to the nurse here, and she’ll know how to solve it. And get out, get out, get out of my room, please get out,” said the patient.

O g1 questioned the Santo André city hall about the care received by the patient with suspected monkeypox at the Central UPA. In note, the city hall said it “regrets what happened” and that “if prejudiced conduct is proven, the doctor will be severely punished” (see full note below).

Last Wednesday, the director of the World Health Organization (WHO) advised that men who have sex with men – such as gays, bisexuals and sex workers – reduce the number of sexual partners at this time to reduce the risk of exposure to smallpox. of the monkeys (monkeypox).

In his opening speech in an interview about the disease, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also stressed that “stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any virus and can fuel the outbreak”.

Monkeypox: Here's What We Know About Vaccination

Monkeypox: Here’s What We Know About Vaccination

Matheus initially sought UPA Vila Luzita, also in Santo André, on Monday morning (25), with symptoms such as back and anal pain, in addition to wounds spread over the body.

At the unit, the team suspected syphilis, and directed him to the Vila Vitória Specialty Center so that he could undergo an examination of the disease.

At the Vila Vitória Specialty Center, the team began to suspect monkeypox, and advised the patient to remain in isolation. Matheus was informed about the negative result of the syphilis test, and he was referred to the Central UPA to be tested for monkeypox.

The young man was already being followed up at the Specialty Center to receive Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), a drug that prevents HIV infection and is indicated for groups considered to be at greater risk, such as gays, men who have sex with men (MSM). ), sex workers, trans men, trans women and transvestites.

He believes that the treatment he received from the doctor at the Central UPA occurred, in part, because he had been referred by a health unit that treats patients with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), among other audiences.

“In my medical records it was already saying that I came from the Specialty Center, and that center deals with STIs, among other things. So much so that I was also following up with Prep”, Matheus said.

“He immediately asked me if I had ‘disease,’ so he knew I was gay, he knew already,” he said.

monkeypox diagnosis

After attending the doctor, who asked him to leave the room, Matheus was received by nurses from the Central UPA, who collected a sample for the monkeys’ smallpox test and instructed him to stay in isolation.

The 23-year-old actor said he did not receive any medical prescriptions to treat pain or wounds on his body at home. He was instructed to just stay isolated, and wait for the test result, which arrived this Friday (29) and was positive for monkeypox.

“I don’t have guidance, there’s no ‘pass a little ointment, take a little medicine, do it like this’. They didn’t guide me to this, so you get scared. You self-medicate in the pain you feel”, said Matheus.

On Thursday night (28), he posted on social media an account of the diagnosis of monkeypox and also the medical care he received in Santo André.

To g1Matthew said that, after publication, he received support from many unknown people, but he was also the target of prejudice from other internet users..

“I made this report and the community also supported me. I felt welcomed there, but I saw many cruel reports too”, he said.

“There were comments saying that they’re having sex too much, a lot of people are going out, and they don’t even know the number of partners. It was three weeks ago that I had sex with the last person, but even so, people are already associating this disease with a supposed promiscuity , with a debauchery that gays have, and they always reinforce this discourse”, he said.

This week, the director of the World Health Organization (WHO) advised that men who have sex with men – such as gay, bisexual and sex workers – reduce their number of sexual partners at this time to reduce the risk of exposure to smallpox in their children. monkeys (monkeypox).

This guideline, however, was criticized by activists from the LGBTQIA+ movement, who highlighted the risk of stigmatization of this audience during the monkeypox epidemic.

Tedros Adhanom pointed out that “although 98% of cases so far are among men who have sex with men, anyone exposed can get monkeypox.”

WHO says monkeypox situation is very worrying in Brazil

WHO says monkeypox situation is very worrying in Brazil

In addition to transmission through sexual contact, the disease can also spread in homes through close contact between people, such as hugs and kisses, and through contaminated towels or bedding.

In an interview with g1the patient from the Central UPA, Matheus Góis, also questioned the WHO’s guidance, but said that it is important that there is effective communication of the methods of preventing the disease.

For him, the care he received from the doctor reflects the stigmatization of the LGBTQIA+ public as carriers of diseases.

“It is important, yes, to know how to be careful,” he said.

“I think the discussion should be about the way this is said. We are not talking about not taking care of a health issue, but the way it is said. I think we live in a moment when we have to be, yes, careful with words, even more today”, said Matheus.

See the note from the Municipality of Santo André:

The Prefecture of Santo André, through the Secretary of Health, deeply regrets what happened and clarifies that, as soon as it became aware of the facts, it started the investigation process. During this process, the doctor will remain away from shifts in municipal health facilities.

We also inform you that we have 3 (three) patients who have been completely successful in the treatment against Monkeypox and have fully recovered, another 11 (eleven) are still in home isolation, in full treatment and monitoring by the Municipal Health Department.

All services are carried out with total discretion, responsibility, humanization and reception.

A month ago, professionals from the public and private health network received training on the protocols, conduct and referrals regarding Monkeypox offered by our Municipal Health Department.

It is also important to inform you that the first suspected case in our city, on June 2, was monitored and fully treated by the Health Department of our municipality, with the patient having a complete success in the treatment.

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