“Shame on…”; Pedro Scooby is criticized on the web after influencer ‘claims’ authorship of outburst


The surfer published a text copied from Gabriela Pugliesi, who ‘claimed’ the credits

Photo: Instagram/Pedro Scooby
Photo: Instagram/Pedro Scooby

Through social networks, former BBB Pedro Scooby criticized the repercussion that certain subjects involving celebrities have gained in recent days through podcasts. However, to vent, the surfer copied a text by the muse Gabriela Pugliesi and republished it, which caused Pedro to be criticized by internet users for having published the text in its entirety, without being the original author of the content and without giving the due credits to the digital influencer.

As Gabriela’s post says, the former BBB stated that the great repercussion of recent controversies, such as that of actor Caio Castro, is nothing more than a “sealing festival”: “Currently it is like this: a famous person participates in a podcast and says what she thinks about the matter x which is not even serious. This banal subject becomes a very serious agenda! And so begins the sealing festival to see who gets the most applause for ‘consistency and common sense,’” he said.

Seeing that the text was copied by Pedro Scooby, Gabriela commented on his publication: It’s actually me who wrote it, but it’s worth it”, said the muse. Her comment generated great repercussion and made netizens call the former BBB “lazy “. Among the comments from Gabriela’s followers who criticized Scooby, one of them says that the surfer’s attitude was shameful: “Copying the text without giving credit to the person who made the post is not cool. He likes to be embarrassed.”

After the criticism for the copy of the text, Pedro Scooby edited the message and gave the credits to Gabriela at the end of the content, saying that he agrees with what was said by the muse. Although Scooby and Gabriela did not mention Caio Castro, it was evident that the two referred to the actor’s controversy. This week, the artist was criticized for having viralized his statements on the podcast “Your Brother”, where he said that he hates having to pay for dinner on dates.

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