Tenório and Zé Leôncio became enemies because of Bruaca

Tenório and José Leôncio will become enemies because of Maria Bruaca

The next chapters of “Pantanal” promise a turnaround, because José Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira) and tenorio (Murilo Benicio) will become mortal enemies because of Maria Bruaca. Everything will happen when the housewife leaves her house and starts living in the hut. Seeing the friend’s condition, Phylum (Dira Paes) decides to act and goes after help.

The woman asks José Leôncio to help Maria Bruaca, however, he refuses at first, together to avoid causing friction with the neighbor. Humiliated after discovering that her husband has another family, Maria Bruaca will tell her whole story to Tadeu’s mother (José Loreto), who will be upset when she finds out what happened and proposes to help the housewife.

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Through Tadeu’s mother, Tenório’s companion manages to have a frank conversation with José Leôncio and reveals everything her companion did to him. After consulting a lawyer, the farmer makes himself available to help Maria Bruaca and assures her of a roof over her head until she can stabilize. A short time later, Tenório looks for José Leôncio and comes face to face with his wife.

After being scared, Tenório will not say anything at the time and will be stunned to learn about the unexpected outcome that Bruaca had, in which he is taking shelter on the farm: “What was that Buraca doing there? She and that pawn must be gorging themselves like the two pigs they are. I told her go away from here… But, no… She had to go to whose house? For my neighbor to want to take her to court against me is a leap. I could go in earlier, filing a complaint for attempted murder… But I can’t have justice on my feet”, Tenório reflects.

In Pantanal, the clash between Zefa (Paula Barbosa) and Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) will be tense (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)

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