this was the farewell of the man who died in connection with monkeypox


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The wake of the man who had the first death related to monkeypox in Brazil lasted 45 minutes. Born in Pará de Minas and living in Belo Horizonte, he was 41 years old and was already treated for other illnesses, including cancer, which worsened his health.

As his family lives in Pará de Minas, in the São Cristovão neighborhood, the body was buried here, at Santo Antônio Cemetery, late yesterday morning. The wake was quick and outdoors, with the coffin closed and all family and friends present wearing a face mask.

At first, the Ministry of Health reported that the patient was a resident of Uberlândia, but then a note was issued correcting the information.

Also according to the note, the patient was hospitalized in a public hospital in Belo Horizonte, where he suffered septic shock, aggravated by monkeypox. According to the ministry, “the cause of death was septic shock.”

Also in a note, the Minas Gerais State Health Department reiterated that the patient was already hospitalized due to “other serious clinical conditions”. The same information was confirmed to Jornal da Manhã by the municipal secretary of Health, Wagner Magesty.

He became aware of the case on Thursday night, shortly after the patient’s death was confirmed, but had to wait for the technical note from the Ministry of Health that was published yesterday. According to Wagner, the technical note has content very similar to that of Covid-19.

Secretary Wagner Magesty has already passed on to the entire public service of Pará de Minas the recommendations received from the Ministry of Health:

And since the disease is highly transmissible, Magesty urges people to pay attention:

According to the government of Minas, in addition to the confirmed cases, there are, in the state, another 125 under investigation. Only in Belo Horizonte was there a case of community transmission, that is, when it is no longer possible to identify the place where the person was infected – an indication that the virus is already circulating among people in that locality.

The disease is also advancing in other Brazilian states, which is why the Ministry of Health has announced that it will buy 50,000 doses of vaccines, which should begin to arrive in September and will be restricted, at least for now, to health workers and people who had contact with patients. There is still no forecast of mass vaccination in the country.

Experts classify monkeypox as a rare viral disease transmitted by close contact with an infected person with skin lesions. Contact can be through hugs, kisses, massages or sexual intercourse. The disease is also transmitted by respiratory secretions and by contact with objects, fabrics (clothes, bedding or towels) and surfaces used by the patient.

There is no specific treatment, but the clinical pictures are usually mild, requiring care and observation of the lesions. The greatest risk of worsening occurs, in general, for immunosuppressed people with HIV/AIDS, leukemia, lymphoma, metastasis, transplant recipients, people with autoimmune diseases, pregnant women, lactating women and children under 8 years of age.

Photos: Amilton Maciel/Rádio Santa Cruz FM and Illustrative: City Hall of Pará de Minas

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