Why do people send “F”? Understand origin of expression

There are some expressions in the world of games that grow and create a “life of their own”. It is common to see, especially on social media, someone posting the letter “F” when dealing with a tragic situation, or even you must have heard a streamer say “F in chat” when something went wrong.

The origin of this term comes from a situation that closely matches the reason why people end up using this expression. Ever heard of it, but never understood where it came from? We explain the origin and reasons why people send “F”.

Press F to pay Respects

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released in 2014, coming as hope for Activision to improve its situation after the controversial release of ghosts. What the company didn’t count on is that a sequel would end up becoming the subject of a joke and a lot of criticism. The scene takes place at a funeral, where the player is attending the burial of a squadmate.

The scene, quite crude, in fact, received criticism for the lack of sensitivity in dealing with such a delicate subject in a way that, unlike Sledgehammer’s intention, was not the least bit respectful. In that, the meme was created. Due to the lack of sensitivity and the situation that seemed completely out of tune during the scene, the joke became a jargon over time and ended up being reformulated with the arrival of game streaming platforms.

F in Chat

The expression eventually became something that could be used for humor, or in a serious tone. (Image: Playback/Twitter/humbler)

The expression ended up evolving and changing, just like everything else on the internet. With the growth of streaming platforms and people starting to interact in real time with dramatic situations that happen during a game, the term “F in Chat” ended up emerging. Whether it’s the content creator commenting, engaging with the community during a tragic scene in a game, or, for example, the streamer’s mouse having stopped working.

Like it or not, some people express grief this way on the internet. (Image: Playback/reddit)

Someone: dies

Internet: F

However, it is not limited to when something sad happens in a game or a peripheral malfunction. The gamer community began to use the term to offer condolences. Whether it’s when someone known to the public ends up passing away, or some story about the death of a player, it’s common to see people commenting “F” on the original post.

For many, using a meme to pay tribute to someone becomes insensitive to the pain of the one suffering from the situation. For others, the feeling is what matters. Controversial or not, the practice is quite common on the internet these days.

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