Wrestling match has Death Note and Keyblade with barbed wire

Last Friday (22), a wrestling match brought much more than the basic sports entertainment, taking the internet by storm by presenting elements from the world of anime and games during the confrontation of Kidd Bandit, non-binary cosplayer and Twitch streamer, against Drexl.

Early on, Kidd writes her opponent’s name on her Bandit Note, a direct reference to the famous death notewhich may have been the inspiration for her look as well.

However, things don’t end as quickly as expected, with Drexl eventually ripping the page out of the notebook and stapling it brutally to Bandit’s forehead, which seemed to be enough to negate the curse and allow the fight to continue.

During the confrontation, we see Kidd also use the One-Winged Angel move, popularized by Kenny Omega and named after the theme song of the famous antagonist Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

However, the highlight of this show full of references was the moment in which Kidd Bandit presents his secret weapon, a Keyblade – iconic weapon of Kingdom Hearts – covered in barbed wire, used with great style to strike your opponent mercilessly, in a way that King Mickey would probably not approve…

And in the end, after presenting so many incredible details for lovers of the anime and game industry, the cosplayer fighter was still the big winner of the confrontation!

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