Zuleica reveals that Guta and Marcelo are not brothers in Pantanal

gutta (Julia Dalavia) spent a lot of time trying to repress the feelings she had for Marcelo (Lucas Leto) for believing he was her brother, something that made her distressed, but a big twist is about to happen. In the next chapters of wetland, zuleica (Aline Borges) will reveal to the young woman that Tenório (Murilo Benício) is not Marcelo’s real father.

It is not today that Zuleica observes the way Guta and Marcelo treat each other daily, seeming more like a couple than brothers, as she already knew about their past love, which left her with a great deal of distress in her chest, as this was a forbiden love. It turns out that Tenório’s wife ends up catching the brothers kissing at a very unexpected moment, being horrified by the scene, but it makes her more thoughtful about the matter.

Tenório not Marcelo's real father.  Source: Reproduction/Globo
Tenório not Marcelo’s real father. Source: Reproduction/Globo
Tenório not Marcelo’s real father. Source: Reproduction/Globo

After some time, Zuleica decides to tell Guta that she and Marcelo are not brothers. Of course, the girl is scared to hear this revelation, because in addition to discovering that everyone has been deceived all this time, she now realizes that her love life can be completely different, as she will no longer feel guilty for the love she feels and that she was repressing.

Despite this great revelation, there is still the issue of Tenório not knowing any of this, and Guta fears what his father might do if he finds out that he was deceived for years, still needing to keep this secret. Keep following the Diário 24 Horas to stay up to date with all the news from Pantanal.

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