3 traits brokers need to become the best

In order to be successful in the area, realtors need to have a good relationship with consumers and a broad knowledge of the market. In this way, these professionals are able to take advantage of the rise in the market to be able to improve skills that will help them to do beautiful business today.

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According to the balance sheet released in February by the CBIC (Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry), real estate sales ended in 2021 with an increase of 12.8% compared to 2020. While 231.7 thousand properties were sold in 2020, the sector sold 261,400 units last year.

Therefore, taking into account the current scenario and consumer behavior, Eduardo Menegatti, CEO of Vivalisto – the first and largest transactional management platform for the purchase and sale of properties, which facilitates the work of real estate agents, end customers and brokers -, listed the three main characteristics and skills that professionals in the sector should have today in order to sell more.

1. Advisory role – Much more than just making sales, the best realtors have an advisory role, and this skill needs to be increasingly sought after and admired by consumers, as more humanized and personalized services are on the rise.

2. Openness to technologies and the new – The real estate sector, as well as other markets, is increasingly using technologies, offering innovations that allow professionals to have an easier and optimized performance. However, according to Menegatti, there are still brokers who are resistant to joining the digital world, which makes them not evolve in the market.

3. Partnerships – Even though there is a lot of resistance among some brokers to partner with other professionals in the field, developing this ability to make connections and stay in the network is very important.

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