40 sites to find remote or home office work

Home office work is exactly the same as face-to-face work in terms of challenges, but, as you can imagine, it is done completely from home.

In this case, the professional is free to be where he wants (or needs), and still manages to fulfill his duties. The premise, not surprisingly, appeals to many.

See a list of sites to find remote work – or that can be taken in a home office scheme. Whether aimed at a specific field of knowledge, or generalists, the selection has it all.

1. Remote

Currently, Remotar is the largest curation platform for 100% remote vacancies in Brazil.

2. Remote

Multi-area jobs and a community of over a million remote workers.

3. In Practice

Selection of vacancies from the website Na Prática, from Fundação Estudar, updated monthly.

4. Crypto Jobs

Works related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

5. Black Vacancies

Black Vagas, a platform developed by the Black Money Movement (MBM), aims to unite black companies and professionals.

6. Jobatus Brazil

Jotabus is a job search engine that unifies all job vacancies in the country on a single website. The objective is to facilitate the user’s journey in the search for a new job. In all, the platform has more than 261 thousand offers and 630 thousand registered candidates.

7. Arc Dev

Website that helps developers find remote work and accelerates the selection process, taking its users straight to the interview phase.

8. We Work Remotely

Remote work opportunities in a variety of industries – from business to copywriting.

9. Gitcoin

Website for developers to work remotely on open source projects.

10. Angel

Remote work opportunities with startups and technology.

11. Freela.io

Freelance opportunities for software developers.

12. Github

Opportunities for software developers.

13. RockContent

It connects content producers to remote jobs in the area.

14. Remote

From full-time to freelancing, with a focus on the possibility of working remotely.

15. Remote Index

Remote opportunities in the area of ​​technology, which can be found.

16. Remote.Co

Jobs in various industries and FAQ on remote work.

17. Gun.io

For software developers.

18. Auth0

Offer of jobs in general; for remote work just select “remote” in the “location” section.

19. Crossover

Opportunities for sales, marketing, finance, product, services, executive, engineering and support.

20. Skill Hire

For developers and designers.

21. Teachers

Home office work for teachers.

22. Landing Jobs

It connects professionals who want to find remote work with tech companies in Europe.

23. Workana

Opportunities for freelancers in mainly creative areas such as website development and video editing.

24. Trampos

Regular job openings for various branches; to find remote work, just type “home-office” in the “where I want to work” section.

25. Italki

Enables you to teach languages ​​remotely.

26. Codementor

Freelance and mentoring opportunities for developers.

27. Toptal

Differentiated selection of freelancers to work in different areas.

28. Up Work

Remote work options in a variety of areas, in development, design, administrative support, writing, information technology, sales and marketing, data science, translation, accounting, law, engineering and architecture.

29. Akop

Website that aggregates international and Brazilian remote work opportunities.

30. Crowd

Crowd is a platform that offers freelancers and services, on demand, specialized in communication and technology.

31. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations offers vacancies pre-assessed by site employees and updated from Monday to Saturday.

32. Authentic Jobs

One of the oldest portals of its kind, it was founded in 2005 and has already connected thousands of creative professionals with companies from around the world.

33. Skip The Drive

Completely free, Skip The Drive strengthens the home office case by offering a special “calculator” that counts how much time and money you can save by choosing the modality.

34. Prolancer

Founded in 2012 by a multinational team of Spaniards, Argentinians and Brazilians, the platform follows the strategy of job matching digital talent and has already been successful in more than 30 countries. Specially aimed at freelancers.

35. Click Worker

Website that seeks people for punctual jobs that only need internet access, such as writing or correcting texts, answering surveys, organizing data, etc. The professional controls his schedules and work in a freelancer scheme.

36. Working Nomads

Vacancies in many areas and the ability to schedule alerts for specific opportunities.

37. GameDev

For those who work with game development.

38. Fiverr

Fiverr connects freelancers with businesses and offers a variety of services in the following areas: Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Translation, Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Technology, Business and Lifestyle.

39. Home Agent

Customer service startup in a 100% home office model, which allows the professional to register as an “agent”. For customers, the platform offers several service options, such as Sales, SAC, Social Networks, Billing, Helpdesk and Chatbot.

40. 99 Freelas

Website that connects people interested in services and professionals looking for work from home. 99 Freelas has projects for article creation, translation, audio and video editing, design, advocacy, education,

*The text “Know 45 websites for you to find your remote work or home office vacancy” was originally published on the Estudar Fora portal, from Fundação Estudar.

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