After leaving Globo, the star ended up taking a bigger step than her leg

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After a short vacation period, in which the “best moments” of the program were aired, Faustão na Band returned with unpublished editions. Fausto Silva’s program returned with a leaner team and shorter art time, losing half an hour.

Faustão in the Band

The cut indicates that the Band is turning off the tap in terms of investments in Faustão’s program. The attraction failed to meet the broadcaster’s commercial expectations and, therefore, has been reducing costs.

Faustão in the Band doesn’t make a loss, but the program hasn’t made a profit either. There are good advertisers who help to close the account, but there was the expectation that the attraction would be a blast and capable of fighting for vice-leadership, which did not happen.



Faustão in the Band

With that, the Band now pays for the boldness of having bet its chips on a daily program with Faustão. The arrival of the animator to the station was emblematic, since he is one of the biggest stars of Brazilian TV, who arrived precisely at a phase of investments by the channel.

In this context, Faustão na Band served as a flagship for important reforms of the station in the grid. In addition to Fausto, the channel brought new investments in journalism and sports, demonstrating that it was starting a prosperous phase. Having someone of Faustão’s stature at this prosperous moment was quite a sign.

In addition, Faustão’s presence also encouraged the broadcaster to give up Show da Fé, which had zero audience, but brought a lot of money to the channel. It was a clear sign that the Band was confident that their new star would be able to bring even more commercial returns to the network.



Faustão in the Band

In other words, in theory, having Faustão every day seemed like a good idea. But in practice this proved to be unfruitful. After all, a daily program requires good attractions every day. Even if Faustão manages to attract a lot of first-team artists (which in fact he did), there aren’t that many artists to keep the show’s interest high.


Therefore, it is now clear that, with Faustão in the Band, the station took a bigger step than the leg. While it is really tempting to have a name the size of Faustão on the daily schedule, perhaps it would be better if he followed in charge of a weekly program.

Faustão in the Band

Can you imagine a weekly in prime time, in which Faustão could use all this structure that the Band offered? Undoubtedly, it would be the highlight of the station’s lineup of shows.

Due to an agreement with Globo, Faustão could not command a Sunday program for a year. But there were still another six days that the animator could occupy. Why not Faustão on Monday nights, a day on which the Band has already reached a significant audience with CQC? Or even on Saturday nights, reliving the times of Lost in the Night and being a strong contender for Altas Horas?

In a daily program, Faustão’s arsenal ended up being trivialized. Already in a weekly, an expectation would be created.

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