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Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), ordered the preventive detention of Ivan Rejane Fonte, a man who threatened former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and ministers of the Court in videos.

Ivan Rejane is already in prison for disclosing material with the offenses and threats to authorities. But the arrest was temporary, with a term of five days. Preventive detention does not have a defined duration.

Arrested by order of Moraes remains silent in testimony to PF

Arrested by order of Moraes remains silent in testimony to PF

Moraes’ decision accepts a request from the Federal Police. According to the delegate conducting the investigations, an eventual release of the extremist would have impacts on public order, “both for the potential continuation of the criminal practice (as already demonstrated), and for the reception of a wrong message that the conduct practiced by Ivan Rejane is tolerated by the State”.

In one of the videos that led to the arrest, Ivan Rejane said that Lula should walk safely because he would “hunt” the former president, deputy Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR) and deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSB-RJ).

In the same recording, the extremist says that he will “mainly hunt” STF ministers and mentions the names of Alexandre de Moraes, Luís Roberto Barroso, Luiz Fux, Luiz Edson Fachin, Ricardo Lewandowski, Gilmar Mendes, Cármen Lúcia and Rosa Weber.

  • After Moraes’ order, PF arrests man in MG who made threats to Lula and Supreme Court ministers
  • Arrested for threatening Lula and STF responds to action on suspicion of assaulting and giving expired food to patients in rehabilitation clinic

In his decision, Moraes wrote that there are “strong indications” that Ivan Rejane is part of a criminal association.

“Pre-trial detention is, therefore, a reasonable, adequate and proportional measure to guarantee public order with the cessation of the repeated criminal practice, and in this case, there are strong indications that the investigated is part of a criminal association”, wrote the minister.

Also according to Moraes, the PF demonstrated, through a transcript of the material seized in searches at Ivan Rejane’s address, that the investigated uses violence as a means of “achieving his criminal intent in relation to STF ministers and politicians”.

camouflaged hate speech

The minister reproduced excerpts from the PF’s request to transform temporary detention into preventive detention. In one of these passages, the police say that Ivan Rejane’s “criminal” action is part of a larger context, of attacking the Judiciary, the elections and encouraging “civil disobedience”.

The PF also wrote that this practice camouflages hate speech as if it were “freedom of expression”.

“It is a public and well-known fact that the criminal practice being investigated is part of a broader context of heightening tempers, encouraging confrontation with political opponents and attempts to weaken the Judiciary, which is also responsible for carrying out the electoral process that is coming. This environment of encouraging civil disobedience, hunting ‘enemies’, camouflaging hate speech under the cloak of freedom of expression is, at the same time, cause and effect of this type of crime that has become so frequent in recent months. “, evaluated the PF.

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